Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 7

I'm posting several days this evening.  If you missed Day 5 or Day 6 follow those links and then come back for a substantially simpler Day 7.

 The key for me in December Daily is to remember to just look for and document one story a day.  This is not Week in The Life where I try to capture the entire flow of a day.  It is one story.  Unlike some people, I don't plan a story for the day or have an activity of some kind planned for every day of Advent.  Some days, I do have a plan, as with the big party on Saturday.  Other days, I wait and see what the season has to show us.  The 7th was one of those days. I kept looking all day for a story and had a few ideas, but as the day wound down the story found me.

The fireplace room in our house is under used.  There isn't enough furniture in there for us to all have a seat.  There is a lot of open space.  It gets used most for dancing, light saber duels, and when just Brent and I are talking.  Adding the Christmas tree changed all that.  There is still not enough furniture for everyone, but suddenly no one cares.  After the kids came home, all activity kept moving towards this space.  B always does his homework at the table, but he came in here instead.  M suddenly decided it was time to practice her Christmas dance choreography, E began sliding all over the floor and inventing his own games here. I sat down to talk with Brent as he finished dishes nearby.  Everyone was inexorably drawn here to the light, the tree, the Christmas at the center of our house.  It was awesome and magical.  Hooray for simple stories and beautiful lights glowing on our kids' faces.

Here is what the two page spread looks like.  The "magical" wooden element came from some SC kit a lot time ago and happened to be found when M spilled a bin of embellishments this weekend, just as it was needed.  The big confetti is from last year's December Daily kit, and I still enjoy it.  A very simple day, but one I loved.

Without this project, little stories like today would probably not be told and likely overlooked altogether.  I am so thankful for the little nudge to look for the story and to write it down before it slips away. 

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