Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The Wainrights spent the weekend with us.  This is a great bonus of both of us having bigger houses now.  Our kids play so well together. It is relaxed and fun.  E said his favorite part of the weekend was playing Skylanders with Donovan -- this is how they play, not using the game itself, but just fun with the awesome figures.

2.  M & Serenity played with this flowers all weekend.  We have hundreds of them and they used them for many things and even tasted them like honeysuckle.  M loved having Serenity to play with all weekend and was a little sad when her friend was gone.

3.  Saturday evening - we hosted bookclub here on short notice.  It was a fun taco fest with several ladies I don't get to see that often.  Great wine, women, and chocolate!  The book, Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman was a bit macabre for my taste, but the first short story based in sherlock holmes was great!
4. Due to all the fun Saturday night, I probably didn't get enough sleep/eat properly, but to my great surprise had a really good race on Sunday.  It didn't feel as hard as most of my training runs and was much faster than it has been. I had been hoping for a sub 40 minute run and ended up at 37min45seconds which was awesome!  I had a great time racing and hanging out with Able & Kari through the early morning.

5.  Friday evening was photos for M's dance recital.  It took many hours, but getting to spend the time all fancy and with her best friend definitely helped.  They were very cute.  One ribbon was missing from her jazz costume, which was sad, but she persevered and a short two hours later we made it home.  Meanwhile, Brent thankfully picked up the race packets and Grandma took the boys to tennis.  It takes a village!

6.  Both Saturday and Sunday we took this crew to the park for tennis, nature time, and playground fun.  On Saturday we also had a picnic.  M& Serenity did lots of building up their faerie house in the woods.  It was great fun!

7.  This snuggly little guy still loves selfies, snuggling, and taking walks/stroller rides with his mama.  Love him to pieces. 

8. Thursday, it was beautiful outside so M&E spent a lot of time playing in the sprinklers.  It was one of many outdoor days this week, including a walk to the park with the neighbors to the tennis courts yesterday.  

9. Thursday evening Brent went to Dad's night at E's preschool.  They had Star Wars doughnuts, made a tie, pretended to shave, They also played lots of other fun games and apparently played with a bulldozer, which E liked most? Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

10. Today we're worrying about tornadoes and severe weather.  We're also trying to prep for my trip to NYC.  It is a big busy day.  Hoping all goes well on both fronts and that I'm full of news next week. 

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