Monday, October 24, 2016

Riding Lessons

M continues to adore riding lessons.  Actually, I think her favorite part may just be hanging around in the barns and smelling the horses, but the lessons are good too.  I took a couple videos at her lessons on October 8 and 15th and wanted to share here so you can have a better sense of what she's up to and how she is progressing.  The paint pony she rides is Domino, her newest favorite. I'm less sure what the other one is called.

They are doing circuits.  M was first up in the video just above this, so each time she had to remember what the instructor had described and lead her horse through the path in the prescribed order and gate.  I think you'll see posting trot, seated trot, walking, and a little going over small obstacles (precursor to jumping) and a lot of directing her horse through wide circles and around cones. 

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