Friday, December 16, 2016

December Daily - Days 14 and 15

Day 14 - It begins with a roughly half page insert.  Those tiny black lines say "Jingle all the way"
 See? I painted the 14, was impatient and ended up with some wet paint in other places.  We'll call it artistic instead of a mistake, ok?
 The backside of the insert if M and Jewel, the horse she has ridden at lessons the last two weeks.  English riding is her passion and the happiest, most calm part of her week so I wanted to include this photo even though my original plan was just to tell the story of attending B's Christmas party.
 Here is the promised 4th grade party. It was super low key.  Literally, just treats with parents there.  They did play Jingo (like Bingo) with the rest of the school, but that was pretty much it. I did talk to one of B's friends and him before we made our exit.

 Here is the two page spread. I really like the big black letters.  For some reason, the right page reminds me a little bit of a Christmas sweater... random.

Day 15 - Matching PJs!  All three kids, plus PJ pants for Brent and me.  The kids' PJ pants are SO soft.  M & B wore the PJs to school today too, which was the motivation for opening these today.  B lit the candles in the living room and we all read some and hung out by candle light in our PJs. We also watch a short Kung Foo Panda Christmas movie... you know, super traditional.
Here we are ready for day 16.  I am going to "Try" to use the foundation pages to help keep it simpler over the weekend.  We are cleaning for a big party on Sunday so I may not make it back to crafting for a few days.  To be continued....

Crafting note - I really like the full 6x8 photos and sometimes the photo really does tell pretty much the full story!

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