Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December Daily 2016 - Day 16

 Day 16 - Due to a fun busy weekend, I got a little behind on both the crafting and the posting, but here we go again!  On the surface, Day 16, looks busy, but really that is the weekend chaos showing through.
 Here is where we left off with the big Day 15 PJs photo.  Day 16 is really just that tag and 1/2 of a page of materials.

The journaling is on the back of the tag.  The front of the page has the kids in the car while we are looking at Christmas lights. I borrowed this idea from my sister's recent post as sometimes pictures of the lights are hard to get and the kids' experience of the lights is the real fun.  They adored it this year! There were soo many oooohs and ahhhs, and I love this!  There was a lot of back seat driving as they tried to get Brent to go where they wanted (oops?) We listened to my Christmas play lists and just toured neighborhoods near ours. 
This is the back side of the page.  This cool house was probably the most decorated (only a fraction is actually int his photo). It is in the neighborhood directly across the street from ours and so festive.  I really like these candy cane stickers and am glad there was space for them in the blank portion of the phot. The big round words are from Ali's kit and had been planned for a day near here. I just added bunches of stars and was done.

Crafter tip - You'll notice some staples on the stars here and there as some have tried to escape so I'm working on attaching them more securely now rather than fighting with them when we look at the book next year.

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