Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December Daily 2016 - Days 17 and 18

Day 16 was posted earlier today. If you missed it, it is available here.

 Day 17 - Day 16 ended with that half page on the left. Day 17 is the 12 pocket page on the right.
 Friday, I found out that my title and a big raise were approved and coming January 1!  We celebrated with breakfast at the newly opened En Croute in OKC.  It was very French and quite delicious.  We also picked up olives, pate, and cheese for the party the next day.  Back at home, we prepared for the party on Sunday and waited for the snow. M was the only one who really played in the snow as it fell, but she had a great time.

(Not pictured- we bought a lot of new decorations that will begin to appear in subsequent days and M & I made a few new Christmas garlands.)
Day 18 - The back of this page begins day 18, which was full of friends, family, and fun. This page is mostly full of photos from the open house we hosted that afternoon.  Lots of friends, family, and neighbors joined us for this holiday celebration.  There were guests from age 3-91, photos in our neighbor Dale's sleigh, lots of playing, talking, and food.  Brent and I really enjoyed this party and plan to host it again in coming years!
 Believe it or not there was more going on than the party on Sunday so the 18th gets a few pages of book.  Here is the big spread.
 I was taking photos after church as the kids were looking so cute.  This photo happened when I was done and they were excited to go play in the snow.  I adore it.
 The next page is photos and stories from the M & B's Sunday School Christmas program.  Their cousin Zane was Joseph in the first portion.  Then the older kids sang songs as the 5th grade class read and acted out the nativity.  It was good fun.
Here is the big open spread. I sort of think there needs to be more on that star page, but I'm leaving it for now as there are still a couple days to do before I'm "current" and I would like to be fairly current when the big celebrations begin on Friday!
Merry Christmas!

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