Thursday, December 22, 2016

December Daily - Days 20 and 21

 Day 20 - We had a special visit from the Korenaks on the 20th for more crafting fun and cousin play time.  Zach was working late so they stayed into the evening for pizza and more talking.  The journaling really covers parts of other days, but gives a little more information on the Christmas decoration and crafting fun we've been up to this week.  I really like those big red letters!
 Here are the two pages together.  There wasn't much journaling room on day 19, so I was glad to have more room on the 20th, particularly as the pages are related.
Day 21 - Santa videos!  I purposely saved these for the last day of school as sort of a welcome to winter break.  B was, as usual, convinced he was on the naughty list and surprisingly nervous. The videos are getting fancier over time and lasted about 5 minutes each and were different from each other, which was cool.  Everyone made the nice list! I love watching them do this together and sharing this magic.

Our Christmas celebrations begin tomorrow so there may be a little lag in crafting and posting. Hopefully we'll have lots of wonderful stories to share soon!

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