Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 WITL Friday

3:24am -- E appears at our bedroom door.  He came in and snuggled with us for about 1/2 an hour before I took him back to bed.  He is very snuggly, but still hard to sleep with.  Sadly, we slightly ran into a doorway in the dark, but we both made it back to bed and I got a lot more kisses for my efforts.  I was back in bed by 4am.  My guess is that the thunder and lightning woke him up. 

7:03am - All of us at breakfast at once? That rarely happens. It is raining and quite the thunder and lightning adventure too. The kids pondered if they cancel school for thunderstorms? They do not... but they do for power outages so their cousin did get the day off. 
 7:53am - Really pouring, torrential rain on the way to school and some rising water. Hard to see across the parking lot.  The drive home was very hazardous.  Borderline too much water on the road in places.  Very scary and slow. Apparently, M & B somehow made it to the bus, but got pretty wet and ran around a bit crazy trying to see the bus from the house and get there in time v. standing in the downpour.  What an adventure!
 8:19am - I am home and getting ready to work.  Look at the downpour.  So much water everywhere and so much rain!
 8:21 - Our backyard has horrible drainage at the best of times.... Today, it doubled as a pond.  I tried to explain this to the people on my first call, who were worried about our safety.  The power flickered as I talked to my two favorite colleagues.  (I saved the document a dozen times as the power browned out and came back and I had all the edits.) These are really my favorite people to work with and we do so well together.  It was a great way to start the day.  Oh! In other happy news, my exercise/healthy eating finally started to show progress. So despite the flooding a good morning.

 11;28am - second breakfast (or snack?) This eating plan includes 6 small meals a day and this one was awesome. Still raining, but not nearly as badly.  Mostly wind at this point.  They did close part of the road in front of my house though.
 3:14pm - E and his buddies waiting on the bench for pick-up.  I came a little early as I wasn't sure how the roads would be, but they were fine.
 3:16pm - Ready to roll with Stitch!
 3:35pm - About every two weeks E and I stop for gas on the way home.  He has started the tradition of getting a drink while the car gets filled up.... he is very persuasive.
 4:16pm - Everyone is home and full of stories about the crazy weather day (and lots of Easter candy). B decides not to go to Friday swim practice to rest for the meet and avoid possibly flooded roads.  We barely know what to do with ourselves all home with no activities.
 6:18pm - Brent got home by 5:30 so we've finished leftover Friday dinner. Time for Star Wars! (The Return of the Jedi)

I followed along with the OU Men's Gymnastics Nationals part 1 -while snuggling and  movie watching. 
8:02pm - We didn't quite finish the movie, but it is time. The boys are going slow so I talk to M for awhile.  The shirt she is wearing she painted herself this week. 

8:03pm - To bed, and very tired indeed. 

EDITED -- Wait, Brent and I didn't go to bed at 8:03.  I made my protein shake and he grabbed a beer for our "date night in." We watched two more episodes of Iron Fist.  It is not the best of the Netflix Marvel shows, but there were some good plot twists.  We did make it to bed at a mostly reasonable time as Saturday was looking very busy. 

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