Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 WITL - Tuesday

 Tuesday is a little less busy on the activities front, but that just leave more time for projects at home.  7:24am - morning chores/E allegedly getting dressed for school.....
7:35 - Brent takes E to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They are a little behind today, with the usual struggle to keep E moving.  M is on to her chores as well. She tends to have a lot of laundry as she goes through multiple clothes a day.

7:46 - Make-up and hair done - my mornings can be a bit more leisurely when Brent takes E to school, which is lovely.

7:57 - planting a few more little things before it gets too warm.  Really some of these things, like beets should have been planted a month ago, but we're running a little slow on the vegetable garden this year. 

8:15 - Heading to school! I head home, coffee in hand wishing we were still in the Magical place where we were all together all day. 

8:43 - Work is underway and I'm multi-tasking.  Destiny's Child was the soundtrack for my work today. 

 10:47am - Hydrate much? Coffee, Water, and a protein shake all in turn today.

Fast forward 3:23pm - Work day is done and I'm picking E up from school.  This includes a discussion with his teacher about his forgotten blanket and periodic bloody noses.

4:00pm - We and the big kids are home! The new patio furniture is arriving tomorrow so we all work to clear off the patio and set up the rug to go under it.
4:14pm - We're on to enjoying the rug and bubbles from the Easter bunny.
4:28pm - These guys are still surviving from the "fall" garden so they went into our dinner tonight. Possibly marks the first onion I've grown from a seed rather than a bulb or plant. 
 4:46pm - bubbles are fun so how about WAY more water.  They mostly wanted to play in the hose rather than the sprinklers. I completely adore this photo.
4:51 - E wants to spray people with water, but loses his mind every time I turn on the sprinklers or someone attempts to get him wet....
5:05: M requests a photo of her in flamingo pose stirring dinner. 

 5:44pm - E has discovered the LEGO Batman Movie soundtrack and is having Alexa play it repeatedly.

7:37pm - We actually manage to eat dinner before swim practice/gym time. I enjoy the driving to and from practice with B. We have great talks. 

 7:53 - baths are done and it is reading time with silly M
 7:54 - Spiderman is more interested in his chocolate bunny than this book on the solar system.
 8:02 - Strawberry Shortcake book time. (Yes, Brent is here too!)
  8:03 heading to bed.
 and teeth brushing...
 and maybe just a tiny bit of putting away pokemon cards
 8:07 - even Spiderman has to brush his teeth.
 M is just so tired that we call it a day.

After bedtime, Brent played games on line, I ate my 6th small meal, took a shower and read a few chapters of an allegedly funny book that isn't yet.  Then bedtime before 11.

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