Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 WITL - Wednesday

Note - I posted Tuesday and Wednesday very close together so if you're missing Tuesday you can find it here

 Wednesday - "slightly" less photos today, but still lots to tell.
7:09am - M doing the dishes for her morning chore.
 7:26am - through some minor miracle E was ready for school this morning by 7:10 so in an unusual turn of events he got to have a little morning electronics time before I took him to school.
 7:27 - Our Easter ddecorations
 7:34 - Negotiating E out to the car and reminders to bring his blanket today. He also brought his lizard "glittery" and his Hedghog in the car for the ride.  The blanket did make it in to school. The animal friends did not. We did decide on the way to school that he would paint a rainbow for his R show and share on Friday.
 8:13 - back home and joining the kids at the bus stop where M is braiding her hair.
 8:15 - I stopped to take a photo of the front of the house before heading inside.  There is a photo like this in everyone one of my week in the life projects. It is interesting to see how the houses evolve too.
 8:31 - It was a beautiful morning and hard to come inside so I boldly decided to work outside for an hour or so during the email triage portion of the day.  Eventually, the wind drove me back inside.

 10:08 - Listening to the Hamilcast while I work.  This was part 2 of an interview of Javier Munoz (who currently plays Hamilton on Broadway).  It is a powerful and moving episode. I highly recommend it.
 3:19pm - picking up E.  In between was lots of work and the boxes of patio furniture being delivered.
 4:19 - Once the big kids are home there is a nerf battle, which ends in tears as usual.
 4:16 - E and I opened the table box a bit earlier and discovered that these are not the table and chairs I ordered.  I, sadly, call and order that they be returned and ask that another set be shipped.  M helps me try to wrangle everything back in the box.  We agree to rely on girl power and get it done. Grandma stops by briefly after this with some things we forgot at the farm, but is quickly back on the road.
 4:54 - Almost time to go to riding--- but first, afternoon chores.  M is doing a tripple her age pick-up and B and E are cleaning the counter and mirrors for both sink areas in the bathroom they share with Grandma when she is in town.

 6:15 - Riding.  M's very favorite part of the week.  She looked really good in lessons today.  I talked with Bethany for maybe 10 minutes while we walked around the farm.  Then ran for about 1/2 an hour in an adjacent neighborhood before coming back to watch the end of lessons.
6:37 - saying good-bye to Domino.  At home, it is our 4th week of taco Wednesday, which means very little food prep.  I finish the weights component of my exercises before dinner and B's return from swimming.  He forgot Brent was picking him up and sat inside talking to Evan for almost 10 minutes before realizing he need to go out out to the pick up line to meet Brent.  He didn't have a great evaluation today, but was in good spirits. 
8:11pm - M is the only one with homework so we do both parts. Here she is writing down her reading time for the Thunder reading challenge. 

8:31 - E is ready for bed as Brent looks on. Nights when dinner is after swimming bedtime usually gets pushed til around this time.  We still made time to read Dinosaur O'Dinosaur to E before saying good night.  The big kids will read to themselves for awhile after going to bed. 

8:32 - Signed B's planner and we're going over whether he's made it through all his pre-bed medicine and hygiene. 

8:37 - One last big smiling face! The boys have instituted "Double Hug Century" in recent weeks, which means everyone gets, at minimum 2 hugs and kisses as part of bedtime... for a century.  E seems to not realize this means 2 or doesn't care as he hands out about 6 hugs and a dozen kisses and always asks for just one more.  Here we are waiting for B to retrieve the hedgehog from the car as how could he sleep without a hedgehog? (Why yes, there already are two dragons in his bed, but that isn't nearly enough friends).

After the kids are in bed, I grab my yogurt, water, and laptop to work through yesterday and today's photos and blogging.  We've also done a little bit of grown up chores and its time for my laundry to be switched out. Brent is playing video games and I'm planning on a shower and bed, possibly with a little book time thrown in there as well!

I've been pretty moody/grouchy today and I'm trying to shake that for a happier day tomorrow. 

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