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December Daily 2017: Nov 30th-Dec 2nd


Remember me? I haven't blogged in months and months, but it is time for December Daily and those stories live here too so off we go. 

If you aren't familiar with December Daily, you can read all about it via Ali Edwards.

Usually the first December Daily post is the cover and/or foundation pages.... neither has been done. I had surgery in early November and sitting up to craft wasn't a possibility until very recently so we're just making it up as we go along this year.  Oh, I do mean "we" as M has her very own December Daily kit and is crafting along too.  I'll share some of her pages in coming days as well.

Also, we began Christmas decorating the earliest we ever have, in part because I only have enough energy to do a portion at a time.  This means there will be some "pre-December" pages.  One of those you'll see below, but a bit more will be coming with tree decorating pictures all around.

With all that introduction-- off we go!

This first transparency is copied almost directly from Ali's first page.  Behind it will go a "The Reason Why" page and then our Christmas card, eventually.

For now, the first page is this "pre-game" page of our very first moments of Christmas decorating.  The back of this page will be more from tree decorating, but I do line how this begins the story.

On Nov. 30th, Brent and I attended the Myriad Gardens' "Jingle Mingle" Christmas party.  This was our first real Christmas party of the season and I wanted to include it, even if it wasn't technically December---plus date night doesn't happen every day!  The decorated gardens were beautiful as always. I loved the time just the two of us - always a treat!

 December!  The first day, as often happens, is about the Advent Calendars.  M&E are having "mama" calendars -- this means, they are filled daily with random things from me :) E selected the LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar-- and really everyone helps him build it most days.  Here all three are gathered around his calendar to help open it up.  M & B got packets with a surprise mini-fig in them.  I had no idea which figures would be inside, but appropriately, M got a jazzercise type exercise girl and B got an astronaut in a space shuttle costume.  E built a small ship (with some help) and took it everywhere he could for the rest of the day so it was a success. 

(Crafting notes--- the tag is from a prior December Daily kit.  The red dots are made with the super cool Nuvo paint-- we used to have to buy all these enamel dots and they were pricey.  Now I can make my own for $3 a bottle.  I may have gone a little crazy with them. The stars were part of the Stars Bonus Pack from Ali Edwards as I need "all the stars")
 The two page spread looks like this.  Day one on the left, a BIG tag from the kit in the middle.  And the photos from day 2 on the right.

 On the back of the tag I did some decorating and had plenty of room to write as it was a busy day full of decorating inside and out and a quick adventure to the Edmond Tree Lighting and Roxy's for ice cream.  M was  HUGE and enthusiastic helper all day so I told that story as well as about the fun of double big trees downstairs.  Getting to decorate a second tree was fun!

(Crafting note -- most of the items are from current or prior kits.  One of my favorite things is a new six hole punch that makes adding items into the rings MUCH easier. The washi tape is actually from M's kit, but it seemed fitting here. )
 We put up some lights outside and M & E took the opportunity for a photo op in Dale's sleigh.

Close up of the tag - lots of fun textures and layers here.  I just added a patterned card from a prior year at the top and bottom for extra pretty.  

And we're off! I'm ready to see what happens next and just a little nervous that I have only one base page prepared. I have lots of supplies and I'm sure lots of adventures that will fill it all in!

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