Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December Daily: Days 3-5

So, we're doing days in batches this year, apparently?

 Day 3: We celebrated the Blakley Family Thanksgiving just a touch late.  I added gratitude list -- it mostly focused on the things I was thankful for that day, but also some bigger things too.  The photos are Brent dishing up his plate and the kids happily eating theirs outside on a very balmy December day.  All of it was delicious, but I definitely was exhausted at the end and went to bed pretty much when our kids did. 
 Here are days 3 and 4 together.

Day 4 - Advent thoughts -- This year, I downloaded a very simple daily Advent practice ebook from the Art of Simple.   There is a daily reading, candle lighting, and song.  Sometimes the readings are a bit complicated for the kids, but the moment of quiet and peace is really good.  I am really feeling Advent this year, albeit probably not in a wholly traditional way, and the need for calm and quiet preparation as well as glittery goodness preparation.  That is the two photos here.  In the first, we're doing our quiet Advent reflection and in the second are all the supplies E and I bought for upcoming present wrapping and parties. I've had that Advent wreath since I was a kid and bring it out every year, but rarely put candles in it as the holes are a weirdly small size.  This year, I just carved down some regular candles.  They tilt a bit, but it is OK. 

(Amazing news --- I'm so far keeping the pages fairly simple and quick... we'll see if that persists). 

Day 5 - Really, not that much of Christmas import happened.  I chose to highlight the regular day parts as well as some fun new things we're enjoying this Christmas season -- #1 being, of course, our very large new puppy who is making the whole experience a bit more challenging, but fun too and #2 our fully functional, easy to use fireplace.  I think we've lit it every day since it was repaired and I'm typing in front of it now.  I'm sure both Moose and the fireplace will feature into many Christmas memories for years to come so it was nice to have a little welcome intro for them here.  

Side note -- it was actually kind of a tough emotional day for me, for no clear reasons.  Walking through the exercise of looking for Christmas and how we celebrated in that day was pretty much a gratitude or appreciation practice of the good things in the day and that is a pretty neat bonus for this project too.  The daily looking for a story I want to remember and being mindful through the day are gifts that I love from this experience each December.

PS -- Why oh why is it so hard to get photos off of my iphone? I adore my iphone, but sometimes I feel like it is conspiring against me in storage wars.  That was the other thing I was doing this evening.... perhaps I should go craft and look for the beauty from today.  I encourage you to do the same!

PPS -- Hi there, Gavin!

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