Monday, December 11, 2017

December Daily: Days 7-9

Day 7 - The fun begins in earnest-- Thus far, I had managed to mostly keep to one simple page per day. I knew that crazier days were coming and Day 7 was the first.  It was M's penguin program and she has been excited about it for over a month.  This calls for all the photos and fun.

Yes, I went overboard on the photos, but they were so cute.  She looked so pretty, pulled together, confident, and did a great job with her speaking part.  After the short program, we accidentally had pizza and ice cream with several of her girl friends. It was totally unplanned but lots of fun.

I tucked the journaling back here with a picture of E and Piper.  Piper is M's friend Paisley's little sister who is in E's Pre-k class both at school and Sunday School and who used to be in his gymnastics class too.  They are, of course, also buddies and were very cute together all evening. He ate his ice cream at her family's table while Piper joined our table and might have tried to come home with us :)

Did I mention I went overboard on photos... um yeah. So here are some more in this fun 12 pocket page with lots of random things added in the mix with all the penguin photos. And that, at last, is all of Day 7.

Day 8 - Is a bit less themed.  The loose theme is I have to slow down again.  Some complications from my surgery presented themselves and I had to start dramatically cutting back on things again.  The photos are 1) Pentatonix Christmas album-- Mary did you know? Is one of our absolute favorites and on repeat in the car, especially during Friday's "Car Party"--- essentially hanging out in the car while B had swim practice as I can't go walk around stores, which was our original plan.  2) Christmas card processing began--- all hands working together so I don't over do. 3) Me in the car line - I added this photo as the story of this day was mostly about me reassessing my limitations.  I originally took the photo to show Chrissie my new haircut as I was sitting in the car line for pre-k pickup.  4) B had some free-time before swim practice and asked to make cookies.  I agreed and he made them all by himself while I rested (go B!).  5) Less can be more -- the monthly moto from my planner and a good one for a time when I have to cut back . 6) B at swim practice at the light house. 

The facing page tells the story of those somewhat random photos as I described above.  

Day 9: 

The back side of that tag is the home for the journaling of SO Much Christmas Fun on Saturday... .most of which I didn't take part in.  

The morning fun was a birthday party for Finn and Eli at the Science Museum.  (I stayed home and rested). 

Then, we bought (gasp) some cookies and went to the neighborhood party.  That is the top photo.  The kids really seemed to enjoy the crafting this time.  They also enjoyed the cookies. I think B has maybe 7?  Santa also came, but E was too shy for a photo and the older kids weren't in to it. I did go to this party, but it was short, close to our house, and I could sit most of the time.  The final activity was shopping for the three kids who's tags we had picked off the angel tree at church.  I love doing this.  Brent does not.  I stayed home and watched a cheesy Christmas movie on netflix... 

So, a very busy and fun few days plus a little readjusting of expectations.  

Also, the printer broke.... so... it may be a few days before there are more posts as I need to buy a new one, which is worrisome as this project really works best if I can do it on a daily basis.  We shall see what comes next!

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