Friday, March 30, 2018

Dinosaur Oatmeal

I haven't blogged in a lot time.  My Catholic life makes me want to begin--- Forgive me Father for I have sinned it has been (insert many months) since my last blog... but I digress.... and assume all is forgiven? (It is likely I will disappear again, but so it goes).

There are many important, serious life things I should probably be documenting. At this phase in life they are often documented in other places.  If you want more of our day to day-- my instagram @abbeyviolet is probably the best shot.  I'm still scrapbooking, probably more this year than last and you'll also sometimes find me on Facebook or Twitter. Weirdly, this short, largely inconsequential, story seems like it should go here. At least for now....

We have three children.  They are in very many ways similar to my siblings and I, which is largely what I was hoping for and maybe even expecting. For those of you who don't know all three of us (anyone?? everyone knows Able, right?) we are very different, but also incredibly close. The very different part for my children begins with personality and works right on through everything, including, typically, food.  

The one food that surprisingly unites them all is -- Dinosaur Oatmeal.  This magical oatmeal is pretty much standard quick serve oatmeal save that tiny dinosaurs "hatch" from these eggs once you cook it. Dinosaur Oatmeal has been a family staple for many years... at least when we can get it.  Curiously, Dinosaur Oatmeal is ONLY available in our area at Target.  We now live further from Target and visit less often--I think this scarcity may have added to its appeal.  Our children have tried valiantly to like all other kinds of oatmeal, but only E really succeeds at this. 

At this point they all know it is ONLY available at Target and will remind me and seek it out.  We buy multiple boxes at a time to tide them over. E is so committed to this oatmeal that we used it to inspire him to learn how to use the microwave and make oatmeal by himself---least he have to wait for us or a sibling to help out.  B is now old enough that one package isn't enough so he eats 2-3 at a time, but only of this type of oatmeal... so we buy more oatmeal and smile.

Dinosaur Oatmeal is kind of a mystery to me as to me it is pretty ordinary stuff and there are even other similar varieties, but somehow none come compare in their eyes. It is one of those things that has somehow magically made it's way into our family's traditions and thus is sweeter and more sought after. I love creating and embracing our own random traditions even when they suddenly evolve into oatmeal.

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Audra said...

I have three boxes at least that you gave me at some point when you'd over bought. We never eat it so feel free to take it back and enjoy!


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