Tuesday, April 17, 2018

5 Things We're Loving

Not really relevant to the below--- but isn't he cute? Yes, we still love Hamilton.

Things we're loving right now:

1. Pioneer Woman's Sunday Night Stew--- This is one of my favorite things. I don't add the turnips as they are never in my pantry. I also maybe add a bit of 57 sauce and more Worcestershire sauce, but you know... tinkering.  I very much suspect this hearkens back to my love of Swiss Steak when I was younger.  Comfort food for sure.  I also just always love braised beef period.

2. OK Collective candles--- For years, many years, candles were a no go because we had little kids and a tendency to topple everything.  Those years are really past.  That said, we did catch a few things on fire when we resumed having candles.  I do find them really peaceful. I keep one (Boss Babe) on my desk and burn it a few hours a day. We have a few others around the house.  The Cider and Chill scent is our favorite, but I think a winter scent.  These candles are made locally and available in OKC and online.  Thanks to Jamie for introducing me to them! (I also really like the candles I got from the Paris Market in Savannah).

3. Yoga with Adriene - This year, I've decided to do yoga 365 times.  That doesn't necessarily mean I do it every day, but if I miss a day I double up a different day.  At the moment, I'm about two days shy of being on track, but will likely catch up soon. I choose to do the practice from the Yoga with Adriene's monthly calendar --- it keeps me from doing short/easy ones every day as they choose, not me. So far, it has been really good.  Part of me feels like it is gentle, secret therapy as there is a lot of positive affirmations, breathing, mantra, and meditation components in there along with the physical aspects. Oh, did I mention it is free and via YouTube so I can do it anywhere? (Yes, I did it in the Bahamas too!).  (I decided to add daily 8 minute arms exercises starting in April. There is a youtube video of this --- so my deal is I do the video or weights at the gym essentially daily... I've missed one day out of about 12 so far and that feels OK).

4. Kindle First / AmazonCrossings --- I get a monthly free newly released book via Amazon's Kindle First program-- all Amazon Prime subscribers may choose from one of the selections each month.  (You don't have to have a kindle, but do need the app).  They are often not books I would have picked on my own, but I've liked about 1/2 to 2/3 of my choices thus far.  And if you don't like them, well, just let it go.  For the next week, to celebrate World Book Day, there are also nine free titles that are translations from global best sellers via Amazon Crossings. I've read 2 of them previously-- House by the River, I very much didn't like. The other, The Great Passage, I found fascinating.

5. Nature's Valley Almond Butter Biscuit Sandwiches - The Wainrights introduced us to these awhile ago, but right now they (and the various other flavors they make, but especially this one) are big house favorites. I have them for breakfast most of the time when they are available.  They are a little high in fat, but taste so good and keep me feeling full for a few hours. The kids eat them as snacks and love them. So delicious!

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