Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still Clueless

Just so we're clear, there are still so many things I'm still not good at when it comes to B. For instance, every time I take B to the pediatrician thinking he has an ear infection he is totally fine. Today, was his two year "well-child" visit. He has had a cold and cough for awhile now and I planned to have the Doctor take a listen. The Doctor was originally thinking RSV after listening to his chest. Perhaps it even was initially, but today the issue was clearly DOUBLE EAR INFECTION! Right, of course, who knew? The Doctor and I agreed this was quite foreseeable given his recent return to day care as kids are generally sick within three days of starting which has been my experience as well.

That said, he had no ear related symptoms other than waking up in the night last night and had not complained of any pain when asked other than telling Audra on maybe Friday that his head hurt. As the Doctor put it, I really shouldn't go to Vegas. In good news, he is much more full of energy today than yesterday and seems to be fine to the outside observer..... which again makes it really hard to tell that he has an ear infection. Who knows? Guess we just keep guessing.

As to the stats:

Weight: 34.5 (90%)
Height: 36 inches (95%) ---Dr. asked how tall his father was as clearly this isn't coming from me. I was actually surprised he hadn't grown more as he was maybe 35.5 at his last visit. That said he REALLY is opposed to being weighed at the Dr.'s office and always has been so was quite squirmy and uncooperative for both weight and measuring today. He was a trooper though for his one shot and only made a little yelp before moving on.

Ah well, we start the third year with more lessons and I'm sure there are so many many more to come. Speaking of which, I have to second Summer and Jamie's suggestion of "Sleep is for the Weak." I bought it for Jamie for Christmas who promptly bought it for me as she was loving it. I have literally laughed until I cried (disclaimer- could be hormones). So great and just short bits which fit into my current time crunch. I plan to buy it for mommy friends too, maybe around the baby's first birthday:) So back to work for me, but hope you enjoy it!

PS. after reading this I sound a bit cranky, my apologies. I also have a cold/cough combo and not much sleep. Promise I'll think some happy thoughts myself as well:) I appreciate the understanding.

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Jamie said...

double ear infections?!?! He must have a high pain tolerance.

Sending well wishes your way.


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