Friday, February 20, 2009

As you might expect

(In which I pretend life is just going along as usual and there is no insanely stressful event in just four days...)

Yesterday, when I picked up B from day care for the very first time no little cry and instead his announcement was - "Have Fun!" Yep, after what 6 or 7 weeks he is actually starting to like it apparently. Of course, today is also the day when we give our two weeks notice that he's leaving. The search for part-time or Mommy's day out type arrangement begins post-bar. Pretty much figures, but don't want to leave him there for no reason as the point of me being home is more time together and the cost isn't justified either on a part-time salary. I am glad he is liking it for this last stretch though and hopefully we'll find a good part-time arrangement later where he can "have fun with kids" as he puts it and still get good mommy time too.

I am feeling marginally better. Some drug issues as I was once again prescribed the one drug I was allergic to and the Doctor, pharmacist and I didn't notice despite it being all over everything as this was a generic so the name didn't match. Luckily only two pills in Brent did notice (although my mild itchiness complaints probably helped). Still having trouble getting enough sleep with the coughing. Otherwise, I think I'm improving and mostly have a voice, although the ear is still a bit tricky.

Baby #2 has decided to be much more active this week. I feel movements much more often and with much less concentration which is cool. Also, think I'm in another growth spurt (or have been eating too much junk while sick). I grew noticeable (to me) around 10ish weeks and think there has been another jump this week around the 17 week mark. We shall see--- meanwhile, probably should be eating better.

Other B updates - now can randomly count to 14 (mostly accurate - sometimes goes back and catches a number which is interesting). No clue how this happened, but suppose it must be day care. The alphabet song is getting better although now is often mixed up with "twinkle twinkle." He has several other little bits of songs which are quite cute. Also, some cool new phrases like "I did it" or "Look at that." He also says "OK" a lot as he is working on doing something like putting a DVD in (rarely gets as far as actually getting to see it, but seems to enjoy the process). Is adorable, almost as if he is reassuring himself through all the steps in the process. Cute times and eager to get back to more time to observe and be present in these.

Back to the books!


Erin said...

I'm very impressed by the counting and the singing! Very nice! I am praying so hard for you and your exam, and that you feel well in plenty of time for it.

Granddaddy and Grammy said...

Brendan singing Happy Birthday is the best ever!

DebB said...

Amazing how many things they learn simultaneously! I love to hear him singing little snippits of songs. What a beautiful little voice!

Summer said...

I cannot believe you are so sick and still functioning with a little one running around. I am in perfect health and some days I feel like 7pm bedtime cannot come soon enough, I am just so worn out! I'm right there with you on the increased baby movements and growth. I've officially moved into all maternity pants now, no more sneaking by in my "big" jeans. I'll be thinking of you this week as you take your test and hopefully then get back to life as usual.


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