Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Health Update

So --- I finally hit wall on the sickness today when I decided my ear felt like it might explode. I ponied up and went to urgent care even though wasn't going to work with my health insurance. My dr. Apt. tomorrow was going to be far too far away.

After some crying, three hours, three hundred dollars, a new doctor,a PA, a shot, and five prescriptions, and one promise that I should be feeling better by Friday later ---the diagnosis is - Eye infection, absolutely raging ear infection and laryngitis. The PA wondered how I was still walking around with all this... who knows.

This marks more prescriptions than in my entire life to date, I think. Everyone promises all of these are OK'd for pregnancy. Thanks to some help from my Pharmacist buddy Tracie I think I have them all under control. Here's hoping I am indeed feeling better soon.

1 comment:

Granddaddy and Grammy said...

I do hope you and Brendan feel better very soon and that Brent stays on his feet. If not, my nursing skills have been sharpened this week - I can step in.


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