Monday, February 9, 2009

Book Fun: Online Resources

I am always looking for new and wonderful childrens books and suspect you are as well. This week I have two new finds. The first is a blog entitled The Almost Librarian. I stumbled on to this last week via the linked posting which is great books about trains. B is obsessed with trains, but I'd like a break from straight Thomas books and these look like great alternatives. I skimmed through some of the other postings and think this will be a good resource for book ideas generally so I thought I'd share.

The second is that last week the American Library Association came out with their 2009 award winners. I admit I don't think we've ready any of these yet, but are big fans of earlier Caldecott winners in particular so this seems like a good choice. Alternatively, you can check out some of our favorite Caldecott books listed below. Many of these are Brent and I's favorites as a bit old for B in many cases, but we read them to him anyway. Have any favorites you'd like to share?

Frog and Toad Are Friends (I Can Read Book 2)

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Make Way for Ducklings (Viking Kestrel Picture Books)

Where the Wild Things Are

The Snowy Day

The Egg Tree

Ox-Cart Man

Madeline, Reissue of 1939 edition

Strega Nona

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jcarr said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE "Don't Let the Pigeon...". One of our very favorites. Kaedyn loves to tell the pigeon no and she actually "reads" the book to me now nearly word for word. Fun.


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