Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tornado - We're OK!

Time is short as I'm at work in DC for the week, but wanted to give you the tornado update as several of you have expressed concern.

It was actually apparently a very close thing. Brendan, for his first tornado experience, had to shelter in the bathroom at the day care for two hours (I would not wish two hours in a small bathroom with a dozen two year-olds on my worst enemy). He however seemed fine when Brent picked him up. All the electric
poles on the street outside our housing edition were blown down. It appears that although there is no electricity at my house it is otherwise largely fine and all my family are OK. We'll know more about if there is any damage today when Brent can see it in the light, but it seems we were very lucky and everything is fine. A little scary for me not being there as I was in DC and didn't really know it was happening. All though turned out fine for my particular family, although it was very close to my in-laws house as well. I hear it was close to Mary's parents as well who also came through fine thankfully. Hope all is well with you and thanks for all the well-wishes.

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Summer said...

I was thinking about you guys last night as we huddled in the bathroom ourselves. I've never heard the sirens go off and it wasn't fun to wake K up at 9pm and head in there. Glad to hear everything is ok.


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