Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick Catch-up

My mom things I should blog some of my chaos from the last week, but I find I lack the time and possibly the energy. Here is a very brief recap. Some of these stories really deserve more detail and perhaps will get it in the post-bar world.

- Was in DC Tues-Saturday. Was supposed to return on Friday, but the person that booked my tickets accidentally had my return flight for March 13..... right. I did get to see lots of wonderful friends, enjoy the city and have a lot of fun doing my job in person. It was great to see everyone!

-Tornado/wind damage is nearly clear near our edition. The road was closed for about 6 days, but is open now, although some reconstruction is ongoing. Our property appears undamaged. We and all of our family is fine.

-While in DC, I got rather sick. Of course, one can hardly call in sick when you've been flown in specifically to do a particular job. I sucked it up and dealt. My throat hurt tremendously, but apparently I held it together by sheer will until Saturday morning. Since then, I basically can't speak other than this occasionally croaky thing. I whisper with Brent, but otherwise am nearly mute and attempts at talking bring on major coughing fits. These same fits only allow me about 4-5 hours of sleep a night after which I end up trying to sleep in a chair and having marginal success. I've been talking to the OB folks about this frequently and have an appointment with my new Primary Care Doctor tomorrow, but am not that optimistic that there is much that can be done.

- B is also sick, but without the voice issues. We both have this weird thing where lots of gunk, for lack of a better word, is coming out of our eyes of all things- icky and odd.

- The bar exam is one week from today. Feeling unprepared and sick --- glad it isn't an oral exam. I'm studying lots.

- My mom came to visit yesterday bringing homemade soup, yummy bread and cookies. (The cookies were devoured before she even left). She also played with B which we all enjoyed as we were all off work for President's Day.

- Yesterday was Bill, my father-in-law's- Birthday so happy belated birthday to you! Sadly, on the same day he discovered he has walking pneumonia, so hoping he feels better soon too!

-Good luck to my sister who has her nursing exam next week too. I'm pulling for you and feel your pain.

-Get well wishes to my bro who is also sick, but has been given the gift of antibiotics (am a bit jealous).

- Big thanks to Brent who is pretty much literally waiting on me hand and foot and keeping this whole place together. We had a quiet Valentines Day (perhaps my inability to talk) and a fun sushi party with the Whites that evening.

Hope all is going better for you all. I doubt I'll be back much if at all until after the bar exam which is next Tues & Wed.

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