Monday, March 16, 2009

The Constant is Change

I am just amazed by how much and how quickly B changes. It has been more than two years and truly one of the constants is change. The most amazing is his new ability to handle new situations. You may recall that he fought daycare at the YMCA for weeks and we had to build it up gradually even though Nate and Allie were there too. Then about the time he settled in to that, we put him in full time day care while I studied. Again, he struggled for probably 6 weeks. Of course a couple weeks later we took him out to be home with me. (Yes, we're not making it easy for the little guy). The next week, we returned to the Downtown Y. He was totally fine. I was pleasantly surprised, but he had been there before so no big deal. I was very happy to hear him end his visit with "Had Fun." We have been going to the Y 2-3 times a week since then and he seems to be really enjoying it. I think we could even leave the blanket at home!

Today, the Hopper kids were sick so I decided to try taking him to the Edmond Y where I had been going during the bar off and on. It much closer, but has no pool so doesn't completely suit our needs. It is great though for days where it is just the elliptical so I wanted to try it. I walked him in explaining what was going on and that this was just a different place for Mama to go exercise. We went into the child care, he evaluated the situation and walked right in to the midst of the room. I filled out the paper work and got ready to go. He was still fine. Had his finger to his lips as though evaluating the situation carefully. Off I went hopeful that all would be well. I cut my exercise slightly short as my tummy was hurting and one can't be too careful. I walked in to find him playing with cars and was greeted with "Had Fun with Kids," when he eventually noticed me. Such an amazing turn around for a child who has always been so tentative with strangers and new situations. Amazing! I'm so proud of him and all the growing up it has taken to reach this point where he seems actually happy when he gets to spend time with these other unknown kids.

In other change, he no longer voluntarily takes medicine. We have to hide it or work very diligently to get him to take it. This is probably partially as he has been on antibiotics so much this winter, but mostly because the last round (Augmentin) apparently tasted horrible. Not a positive change sadly, but definitely a shift for us. We're back to the Doctor on Thursday to see if we're heading to tubes in his ears as the infections haven't fully cleared as of last week.

The final big change of late is his sleeping routine. He still is a super sleeper and we thank our lucky stars daily, praying for another like him. However, now he doesn't always go to sleep when we put him in there it seems as we'll come back later to check and find the light on with him usually sleeping on or with some book he has found and taken to bed with him. I love it that he is enjoying the books and really must remember to take a picture next time we catch him. UPDATE - here is the picture from naptime today as I noticed the light was on.This reminds me, B's bed is currently under repair so he's sleeping on his airmatress until the part comes in. Quite a good purchase after all. ---The playing and reading has also, we think, led to a bit more sleeping in which we don't mind as we know our days of sleep are limited.

He doesn't look too happy about having his picture taken here, but had to show you how grown up he looked this morning. He insisted on wearing these Cars shorts even though it is a smidge cold yet and I acquiesced as they are pretty cute. The cars are on the back pockets though so he was sad that he couldn't actually see Lightning McQueen once he got them on, but did love all the pockets. Thanks Ellen and Great-Granddaddy!

Wanted to make sure I capture these little changes in the whirl of our daily life. I'm sure there are many many more to come.


Summer said...

We must be on the same page, I just did a "developments" post since I feel like K is changing so rapidly. I am SO GLAD to hear about his ability to adapt to childcare - this gives me tremendous hope! That pic of him in the shorts is priceless, what a cutie!

Jamie said...

I do not know of another child quite like B when it comes to sleeping habits. I too hope that baby girl will give you the same pleasure. :)

So excited that he "has fun with kids"!!! Big step for him and you guys.

Give that big boy a kiss for me.


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