Sunday, March 22, 2009

A little getaway for two

This weekend Brent and I went on a little mini-getaway just the two of us. B stayed at the farm with my parents and brother and had a wonderful time with them. I was a bit nervous about it, but know my parents were looking forward to it and that it was something we should try with him. He Loves the farm and it was spring break so it was a great fit.

My mom picked B up Friday morning and Brent and I began our day in Edmond with lunch at 501 Cafe and continued on to Cinnamon Bears (where we found a little something for the baby) and downtown Edmond for a little random shopping. Then on to have Bubble Tea, head to Bricktown to wander the Canal, to see Slumdog Millionaire which was our first movie in a theater since July. After the movie it was almost time for dinner at Deep Fork Grill. I had the steak I'd been hoping for and Brent had duck which is one of his favorites. Then we checked into our motel, rested a bit, and walked over to Border's. We browsed, found a couple of books (The Mistress of Spices: A Novel and Evolution for Everyone: How Darwin's Theory Can Change the Way We Think About Our Lives), had coffee, pondered the live music and then headed back for the night with the joy of sleeping in.

The next morning we checked on B again and he was thriving and excited that Uncle Able had arrived to play with him. We had breakfast at Panera and drove down to Norman for a day of memories. OU is very special to us not just as our alma mater, but also as where an when we fell in love so the campus and town are filled with memories for us. We started with a tour of the new art museum. I love impressionist paints so it was a great treat. Then we toured campus corner. The weather didn't particularly cooperate so it was a bit gloomy. Also, I'd chosen poorly for footwear so we had to find some cheap flipflops to continue our tour. We found a pretty necklace for me at Milano's and then had lunch at the new O'Connell's as it is one of Brent's fond memories with his din his early days with OU.

After lunch it was time for a our tour of campus. We wandered all around to our old haunts. We took in the new buildings, the tulips, fountains, and places we'd enjoyed together. It was a bit blustery, but really fun. We had the campus nearly to ourselves as it was spring break which was an interesting view as most of our memories were full of bustling people. After seeing the sights, we went to La Baguette for a snack and drink before Jennie's Party. About this time we began to hear that B wasn't feeling that well. We were, apparently, early to the party anyway, but had a good time chatting with Jennie and Gavin and celebrating with the OU crew including a surprise visit from Alisha! The baby was making me a bit uncomfortable at this point and we were missing B so we drove to the farm.

It was a lovely little break and full of places and people special to us. We were a bit sad because B had gotten sick again, but glad to have had the time both together and for B with my family. It was a good little jaunt and I think a refreshing break for us.

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Jamie said...

This sounds like a GREAT getaway. I hope one day to do the same thing. The only time we make it back is for football games. Which is AWESOME, but to enjoy the campus without the crowds would be great. I am sure reflection on the campus is quite a bit different than the days we were there in school. Ahhh....just talking about it bring a rush of memories. So glad you got to do this!


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