Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pregnancy Journaling - 21 Weeks

At the gentle and excellent suggestion of Chrissie I would like to do a little journaling about the pregnancy thus far. I bought a pregnancy journal last time, but looking back only wrote about all the complications, Doctor visits, and ultrasounds surrounding the various problems we had. Here are six shorter (I hope) observations and I'll try to do a few more at a time as we progress. This list is partially pulled form a list Chrissie sent months ago and other random ones I've seen.

Describe how you felt the moment you found out you were pregnant: Well, this time I was a bit surprised as we hadn't really been focused on the project and were giving my body time after the miscarriage. Also a bit worried as really didn't want to get attached again only to lose the baby so it took me awhile to connect to this pregnancy. I guess Brent summed it up with "cautiously optimistic."

What was the reaction of your child when you shared the news of your pregnancy? Several people have asked about this. We did tell him pretty much from the outset. Sometimes I think he gets it and is interested and excited. Other times has no clue or thinks there is a baby in everyone's tummy. Today caught him staring at my belly a bit as I changed clothes so probably still confused, but we're optimistic.

Favorite food this month:
Thus far in the pregnancy has been, BBQ chips, Baked Cheese Doritos and then jelly beans in that order over the last say 2-3 months. (In non-pregnant days there are generally none of these foods at our house). Not crazy "you must go to the store cravings" but definitely little self-control either. Also, sadly not say craving broccoli, but who does?

How have your sleeping habits changed? Are you tired? Sadly, I'm already sort of uncomfortable when I'm sleeping. This may be because either Brent or I has been sick so much of the pregnancy, but also just awkward shape now. I sort of feel like having a pillow under my tummy, but roll around too much to really maintain this. I am actually not too tired now. (Yeah second trimester!) I definitely was during the whole bar ordeal and still have days where I feel like I crash at 7pm (although sadly rarely actually go to sleep). Overall though, my energy is good just now.

Does the baby have a nickname yet? Not a lot of progress on the real name (and not ready to share ideas really), but before finding out the gender we'd started calling her "Bitty" which is something Brent's mom uses a lot. So far its sticking, but we shall see. B ended up, as most of you know, as Squirmy McKickypants.

Do you have any pregnancy related goals or things to achieve during this pregnancy? I really want to try to exercise 2-3 times per week for as much of the pregnancy as possible. Generally, I'm doing well. I missed some time between Christmas and New Years and again in the waning weeks of the bar process, but have been four times this week!! I feel better and it feels like something I can actively do for the baby and myself In a related vein, I'm re-focusing on making sure there are fruits and veggies present at as many meals as possible, even when the guys don't eat the veggies too much. (Brent did pronounce a new broccoli dish tasty this week which is really saying something!) I also want to spend some time scrapbooking, collecting memories and treasuring this time with my guys as our world is about ot be rocked (in a good way of course:))

Feel free to submit good questions as I don't have many more in my queue and want to remember this special time!

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Chrissie said...

Lovely journaling =) I like reading mine already, so I'm glad you're enjoying it too. I love your goals! I should do so well as to exercise two to three times a week! You're awesome!


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