Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bathtub Fun Day!

Today, B and I were sort of at loose ends. I had a morning call and after that it was too late to go to the gym, but he was not interested in our usual at home activities. I remembered back to the summer where we had lots of water time and thought we should do some again. This time we decided to try Mama's bath tub for a new adventure. The key features to my bathtub is that it is much deeper and has jacuzzi jets. It isn't fancy, but it is fun. I decided he was finally big enough to try it out. So we filled it up above the jets (which only go up maybe half way) loaded up all his bath toys and tried it out.

He was so surprised by all the frothing water! Shrieks and screams of laughter as we turned it on and off. He was sitting in between jets which was good as they are pretty strong. He loved turning them on and off and fussing with the bubbles. We probably spent an hour playing overall. He "washed" with the starfish shaped soap which was handing for holding on to, splashed, drove his boats, kicked, played with his wash cloth, got water everywhere and generally had a grand old time. This old twist on a new favorite was tons of fun!

We're also making our return to more and more time playing outside as the weather is gradually improving. Does occasionally make for melting down when we have to come in, but is beautiful out there today and I'm going to seize the moment before Oklahoma summer arrives.

Post Script - he flipped out when it was time for his regular bath and insisted on my tub... may have created a bigger problem here... We worked it out, but wow.

(Caveat--- The lawyer in me insists I remind you to only try this if your kid is big enough to be stable in gushing water, and to never leave the side of the tub at anytime to avoid any drowning risk).

Sale find of the day: Found a link and code to The Children's Place sale here. I checked it out and it seems like, particularly for the girls things, they have some pretty good deals. I found a couple things for B and several for baby sister that fit my general should be less than $5 per item rule. The code from Want Not save 15% off your order and shipping is $5 flat.

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Summer said...

Just what I needed, another excuse to go shopping! Thanks for the code, and the good bathtub idea!


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