Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love Thursday: Uncle Able

Able spent Monday evening and most of Tuesday hanging out with B and I. We watched Cars, played Thomas, went to the Mall, they played while I worked, had lunch and many of the standard features of a day with B. Able was so great with him and I had a wonderful time hanging out with him. He is understandably stressed by his job hunt and all that goes with it, but is able to put that aside and be a great playmate and friend.

I talk about my sister so often and she is my closest friend, but it was wonderful to get to have some special time with my little brother too. We were pretty different growing up, but I think are less different as we age together. We are in different places in our lives, but are OK with that.

I love how good he is with B and how much fun they have together. He also is a huge and uncomplaining help to me when he is visiting. For instance, having him watch B on Tuesday while I shopped was a huge blessing as it meant I could buy some maternity clothes without stressing an impatient boy or myself.

Thank you bro. I miss you already and pray you find your own happiness out of all this chaos. I LOVE YOU!


Audra said...

Zach and were just talking yesterday about how no one can even compete ith Uncle Able. Brendan adores him and it is so fun to watch them play.

DebB said...

He is unbelievably wonderful, 'tis true. Such a strong, loving man, whom people lean on constantly, and he doesn't mind. You are a good sister to him. Thanks for honoring him so.


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