Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rouse Richards Easter!

We celebrated Easter a week early with the Rouse/Richards group this year. We had a great turnout and lots of fun. Our crew arrived early to hang out with Brent's immediate family and help with preparations. John was so sweet and snuggly having just woken up. He now has irresistibly soft hair that is growing quickly!

Easter dinner included a mix of traditional favorites like Ham, Rolls, and Potato Casserole along with lots of vegetables, cheese, and fabulous salad. (Hint - I love goat cheese). B managed to sleep through most of the prep and wake in time for dinner as well as bubble fun with Kaedyn and Ethan.

After dinner, there was his first real Easter Egg hunt. Brent thought I "cheated" too much, but he had no clue and one needs help with a speedy eight year-old around. He had a great time and was delighted to discover chocolate both in his eggs and in his basket from Grammy. I admit Brent and I have gotten far more of that chocolate than he has, but he is getting enough to keep him happy and interested in Easter eggs until next year.

It is such a riot to have all four of the kids mixed in with the adults and I can't wait for "baby sister" to join in next year. Easter is a great holiday for them as the weather is good (not to hot or too cold generally) so they can play outside and the adults will come too. The kids generally do a good job playing together although B and Kaedyn disagreed about the toy car sharing as the day drew to a close and they were both very tired.

The next day we had brunch with Brent's family before the Jones crew headed back. I love watching B and John together. B is in a bossy phase and it was hysterical to listen to him tell John to "get in the car!"

(Note all the pictures are available here and include Rouse/Richards and Blakley Easter shots as well as pictures of John's counting book and more!)

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