Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Best of Times -- The Test of Times

Have I mentioned that B is two? Right, so some days/weeks/moments he is wonderful, adorable, sweet and the loveliest little gem. Others, not so much.

This week was full of drama with him. Every little thing was tears and "No Mama" and stubborn emotions. Audra might say he gets this emotional drama from his Mama and she might be right, or he might just be two. This week was definitely the test of me. It is hard to keep holding your line in the face of tears, sobs and yelling. I know I have to prevail for the good of both of us, but let's be real, I'm six months pregnant and I'm emotional too!

The worst was B losing it in Target this week. I'd say probably 90% of the time these days he's great in Target. We have reached a balance, more or less. That was not the case this week. I took him to pick up milk and bread after my swearing in. He had had lunch and was about 45 minutes from naptime. He would not do what I told him to once we got in the store and so about five minutes in, I had to put him in the cart rather than let him push or help me. He then totally lost his mind crying, screaming, trying to get out, just wild. I was "that mom" with the crying screaming kid who you wonder if she's stolen or why she takes him out of the house. I know by now that the screaming will of course stop, but it seemed to persist longer than usual this time. I just was completely at the end of my rope by the time we got to check out as it is embarrassing and more than that I know he knows better. Of course, other things didn't work either like the soda falling off the cart several times and ultimately spilling open in the parking lot none of which helped, I'm sure.

B calmed down during checkout and we made it home. He then wanted to stay up later, play outside, ride his tricycle, etc... I held firm and had to tell him that if you don't listen and do what Mama says you don't get special priviledges and put him to bed crying which hurts too. I, of course, was in tears shortly thereafter. Pregnant emotional mama and emotional two year old can make for quite a day.

That said, we've had some great times this week gardening together, looking for bugs, getting to know the neighborhood kids playing outside, going on walks, reading books, and general play time. He says some of the cutest things and somethings that are hard to decipher. His memory is getting better as he can tell you a little bit more about things that happened say earlier that day or when we visited Grandma (often "baby chickens"). The cuddles, kisses and little helper things are awesome. Hope we can transition to more of this. For instance, he oddly had perfect manners at the table Saturday evening. Plenty of please, thank you, you're welcome, etc... and even corrected me when I forgot to thank Brent for something. So adorable and makes you feel like something is working.

Think I'll hold on to those and maybe avoid Target for a few days! Love you my little bug and hope we can both be happier and find less tears this week!

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Summer said...

Oh I feel you on this one. Don't have any advice or anything, but just wanted to let you know that you're not alone, sending good thoughts your way! Hope this week is going better!


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