Saturday, April 18, 2009

Duly Sworn (x3)

On Thursday, I was sworn in to the Oklahoma Bar. This was my third swearing in and I find each was different. This one was the smallest, in the nicest chamber (OK Supreme Court Chambers), and the most focused on the support networks of those passing. It also was the only one to include a reception for everyone. The whole process was quite short, maybe 40 minutes total. I did see some people I recognized from the exam and chatted with them a bit.

The ceremony itself consisted of some limited comments by the Chief Justice, the President of the Oklahoma Bar Association and the Young Lawyers Division. The name of each nominee was read one at a time and we stood to be recognized. Then, we were all sworn in and adjourned to the capital rotunda to sign the "Roll of Attorneys," pick up our certificates and bar cards and of course pay another fee. I had my cookie and punch and celebrated by buying myself Oklahoma grown popcorn and some jam for Jessie as thanks for watching B.

I actually hadn't invited anyone other than Brent to attend directly and he couldn't due to various work issues. I had been pretty sure I didn't care and that it wasn't a big deal, after all it was the third time and I'd been to the last one on my own as well. However, about 11pm the night before I found myself irrationally frustrated that no one was coming even while that was completely my fault as my mom had offered to come and I'd told her it was boring and unnecessary. It is VERY short and really not that big of a deal, but I found that it was kinda lonely to not have family with me when there were so many others around. Maybe it was just that it was my last time doing it (I hope) or the slightly grander setting? I suspect pregnancy hormones myself.

In any case, it is all complete and official now. The only place I could think to designate the change was my work bio so that was done promptly.

To all of you-- I'll share the story the Chief Justice used in recognizing the families and supporters of the new admittees --- When you see a turtle on a fence post, you know he didn't get there by himself.

Thanks for your help, patience, love and support!

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DebB said...

From now on, even if you say,"No, it won't be anything, not necessary", I will be there, smiling and beaming. I am so sorry I missed it. If I had known that Brent couldn't go, I would have made time.


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