Friday, April 17, 2009

Blakley Easter Weekend

After a weekend of Rouse/Richards fun starting April 4, Blakley Easter began on Thursday when Audra & Zach arrived in the midst of some crazy Oklahoma wind. On Friday, Audra and I ran errands which Zach watched B and then I worked and Audra napped while Zach hung ceiling fans in the kids rooms (pictures coming in a later post). Audra and I also spent some of Friday cooking for the weekend and she got to catch up with her buddy Anna.

On Saturday, we got up relatively early and headed to the farm. Of course, I managed to forget a few key things like B's bed, but my dad picked them up on his way to get Able from the airport. Meanwhile, the rest of us toured the recovering gardens, B played with the baby chickens and had another Easter Egg hunt.

I was pretty tired so I spent some time resting with Brent while everyone else played with B. Somewhere in there he got to try dying eggs for the first time with my Mom, Audra and Brent. Very cute stuff! After a tasty dinner of my favorite potato cheese soup it was time to get ready for Mass. Mass started at 8:30 which was really too late for a small boy. He was, however, fascinated by all the live animals which were there as part of the creation story re-enactment that is the highlight of the Easter festivities in Bison.

The next day, we got to sleep in just a bit. When B and most everyone was up he discovered his Easter basket. The sweetest part of the whole thing for me was that he voluntarily with absolutely no prompting distributed his Easter chocolate to everyone so we each got a little. I'm sure such generosity may be short lived, but it was so touching. Otherwise, he new "Mac" toy and Easter Thomas are the favorites.

After the Easter bunny visit we prepared for Easter brunch with my Grandma and Uncle David. It was, of course, delicious. I particularly liked the strawberries which were my first of the season and was glad that my fig bar recipe actually worked. B was blissfully not sick this trip to the farm and played well with everyone. He had a wonderful time rain and all. Sadly, it had to end and we all packed up to take Zach and Audra to the airport. I think nearly everyone but Brent slept through some of that ride. I miss them already!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!

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