Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love Thursday: Tickle Time!

B is finally really grasping tickling. He used to be a bit too violent, but now he's just about perfected it. The cutest part is the build-up to the actual tickle as he advances slowly towards the intended victim fingers waiving. Last weekend we had lots of tickling. My two favorite episodes were gentle tickles with cousin John at Grammy's house and a tickle pile at our house later that evening. It is so fun to watch B and John interact. Brendan is a bit pushy in the way older kids often are with the littler ones, but we're working on it. He did a great job gently tickling and got tickled in return. Miraculously I actually had a camera at hand to capture the moment here.

Later that day, just before bathrime, B insisted we go to "Mama's room." We all piled on the bed complete with pillows and his blanket. After a little snuggling, he proceeded to take turns tickling each of us (and we him). This also led to some jumping on Mama and Daddy. I asked if he wanted to tickle the baby and he agreed, but required that I "open it" (lift up my shirt) as apparently ones doesn't get good quality tickling through clothes. We were all in giggles together in one big pile. Those are the sweet moments to capture and hold close in the midst of the slightly less sweet ones. My little tickle bear is my love this Thursday.

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DebB said...

Lovely blog; you will remember those tickle times all your life, and when he is standing tall and kissing his new bride, you will still see that little boy giggling beside you. Enjoy.


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