Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Week

Quick update as I've been mostly MIA this week. I am teaching a section of the Capstone course for Drexel after being asked to fill in at the last moment (long story). In any case, has meant tons of work and in an area I'm pretty unfamiliar with generally. I perhaps was nuts to do this, but its underway now and I think finally under control. It has taken up HUGE amounts of time this week so I haven't gotten the Rouse/Richards Easter pics on the computer yet, but promise they will appear next week.

Took B to the Doctor today. Sadly, ears are still infected. We've pretty much had all the antibiotics it is wise to give someone this little (did I mention the Dentist said they can affect the permanent teeth--- cause we had nothing else to worry about). This time, we're going to try to treat the unending cold instead. Lil'B will be having steroid sinus spray every day until....wait for it.... Summer! Defined as when the evening lows are consistently above 65 degrees, which I think may be awhile.

He also gets to go see the Ear Nose and Throat Doctor in about 30 days. We're hoping they'll say he's fine, it is all clear, and why are you here? If not, and there are still problems it probably means tubes so we'll see. Am starting to think tubes might be OK so we can end this cycle and his discomfort. Meanwhile, B's appetite is back and he seems to be in good spirits which is a blessing all things considered. He really never complains about his ears which is amazing. Today was the last in our series of many Doctor appointments, but it seems they will resume in early May.

Bill (my FIL) is having surgery tomorrow. We hope it is an easy fix, but would appreciate any prayers his way. My Uncle is actually having surgery on his back today as well so he could use some prayers too. Meanwhile, my sister is having a very rough time at her new job so any happy thoughts her way would be great. ---- Yes, there is a lot of drama in our lives, but we perservere.

Brent and the Baby have started "playing" as of last night. For the first time this pregnancy the baby would kick, Brent would feel it and push back and then she would push back in the same area. He and B played this a lot and I love it as I feel like they are getting to connect a bit too.

Today, Audra & Zach arrive which I'm super excited about and Able flies in tomorrow. We're just going to do fun things, not think about our respective jobs (or lack of jobs) and enjoy each other's company. I think I'll have some nursery updates next week as well as pics/updates of our recent home improvement spree, the several easter celebrations and more! (Ok, that might be ambitious, but that is the play).

Happy thoughts and Happy Easter to all!

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