Friday, July 31, 2009

B & Me - Foodie thoughts

B is Daddy's boy and there has never been a doubt about that since day one. This can be a bit trying for me as he constantly prefers Brent to me in a lot of things. It is marginally better now that I'm at home with him, but nonetheless pretty constant. He also shares a lot of Brent's looks, personality and mannerisms, which is adorable and I enjoy. This week Brent noticed that despite the physical and emotional similarities to himself he absolutely seems to have acquired the same food favorites I have. I hadn't really noticed, but was very amused. He is a little carb lover still and his current food favorites (that coincide with mine are):

- Snow Cones -- (snoscones) he has a funny pronunciation of this, that is hilarious and always wants Green/Apple

- Popcorn - of course - will slant his eyes to the side looking as cute as possible and ask "Make popcorn?" He even has a favorite popcorn salt... and is often way too liberal with it, but we are working on restraint

- Garlic / Cheese Bread - loves cheese bread and particularly loves dipping things generously in Papa John's Garlic butter should that opportunity arise. This was the tipping point when Brent said he was just like me.

- Bread of all kinds - loves bread and will eat it in all forms even his weird enjoyment of plain hotdog buns. My tastes are, I like to think, a bit more refined, but I do love bread.

- Cheese - Sometimes just has cheese for lunch or a cheese sandwich - I love the random "stay-in" dates Brent and I have/had where all we had for dinner was fun cheese, bread and probably fruit or jam.

- Carrots -raw- Brent can't stand them, but B and I find them an excellent snack.

Also enjoys/frequently requests - milk, chips, cookie dough,pizza, fruit leathers, apples/applesauce, cinnamon, and sweet corn.

Granted he sadly has not taken up my love for squash, okra, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, fresh green beans. Should probably work more on those as is clearly obsessed with a few too many things that should very much be in moderation. Does seem to share his Dad's great enjoyment of cereal and oddly really likes salsa, which I think Brent and I are largely ambivalent about. Doesn't seem at all bothered by spicy things, which may be due to his early Indian food experience from his old family day care situation. His very favorite thing right now is drinkable yogurt - any flavor, any brand, he'd like to have at least one per day-- as favorite foods go, we're ok with that. Oh, and drinkable yogurt - one of my very favorite things from my study abroad in Paris. I think he would love YOP and it is really too bad they don't sell it in the US.

I'll work on the veggie situation more and as usual appreciate any recipes/suggestions.

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