Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love Thursday: Wonders of Summer (Part II)

This summer I'm taking special notice of all the joys of this season as it will be our daughter's birthday season for years to come. I did an earlier post, but have a few additions to remember for future years:

The food - fresh peaches, sweet corn, watermelon, and okra all mark this time of year and are so delightful. We actually have meals of just produce sometimes (like squash and fried okra Tuesday thanks to my Mom). Feels so fresh and good.

Summer storms - I so missed these in DC. The storms here are generally wild, windy and often feel on the edge of violent. We've had hail three times, at least, in the last month. I love sitting out on the porch watching the rain, wind and lightening and sleeping to the soundtrack of rolling thunder.

Cool mornings - B and I have lately taken to having our breakfast al fresco. Either sitting at the edge of the open garage or at the tables on the back porch. Most days it is still cool enough to enjoy or food and watch for birds or people together. Have been treasuring these moments that are just the two of us.

Parks - We sadly, don't have a park in our neighborhood, but have about four that we visit periodically. Sometimes just a couple of us and sometimes all of us along with parents, friends, or siblings. The variety keeps B interested and he is able to do so much more than just a year ago.

Travel - This is not our year to travel, but summer is the time for it. I have friends & family heading off to Panama, the Bahamas, New Mexico, Florida and Montreal in the next week or so and dream of future summers where maybe we can taste some new destinations as well.

Sun Dresses - I love the beautiful light summer dresses I see all around and am excited for my little one and myself to have many summers of floaty fun ahead. This year, not so much for me, but is inspiring to ponder the many next years to come.

Lovely little things that make the season. Hope you are enjoying summer too. What are some of your favorites?

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Audra said...

I have yet to have fried okra and am a little stressed out about, hopefully mom will still have some when I come home in a few weeks.


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