Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Last Shower

On June 28th, I had my last shower with my Oklahoma ladies. (This means it is baby time, right?) Anyway, it was at Jessie's house with help from Chrissie, Tracie and Sarah. Thank you all so much for a lovely time. There was a great turn out, tons of food and lots of great crafts and gifts. I designated Chrissie the official photographer so I could sit back and enjoy. As a result, I don't have many pictures myself, but I'm sure she will share hers.

After the boys left to go play, we ate lots of fun snacks and talked about our prior deliveries (this is normal for girls of our age I assure you). It was made particularly interesting as by the end of the party there were guests in each trimester of pregnancy as well as many moms and a few yet to experience the joys of childbirth/children. TMI? Ok, back to the snacks. As usual, my favorites included those featuring cheese, of which there were several, and the chex mix. I'm an easy girl to please.

Next up - present time! We got a delightful mix of cute little girl clothes and things we really did need, such as a complete bedding set from Tracie and Sarah. Sarah's mom also sent along so many amazing little things including a "bouquet" made of socks, wash cloths, onesies and more. I got the essential Chrissie blanket as well and even a doll from Japan courtesy of the Hoppers. After lots of oohs and ahhs over the adorableness of it all we moved on to crafts.

We had two separate craft projects going. One group, assembled the SEI scrapbook kit Ally's Wonderland so it is all set up for me to drop in pictures of our little one. Meanwhile, other's worked on the little fairy house for the baby's room with various pieces all the attendees had contributed. (Don't have a close-up just now, but will put one in a future blog posting). To explain the fairy connection, in my family growing up the "little people" would visit us and leave little presents on our pillows sometimes such as flowers or feathers. It is a remaining token of my Irish ancestry and now the little people will have a place to stay when they visit our little one. Both projects turned out beautifully and I'm sure will be enjoyed by our entire family.

After crafts we had a group photo and visited some more. I had a wonderful time and so appreciate all the effort put into the day as well as everyone's generosity. Thanks also to those that came home with me afterwards to help with the unpacking and finishing up the crafting projects I had going at my house... but more on those later. Thank you all for being such caring friends!

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