Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eye, Again?

You remember this picture, right? (Or am I the only one with that story and image burnt into their memory?) Anyway, it appears it has started again. B woke up yesterday with the same eye a bit red and a bit puffy. I was thinking/hoping allergies or an irritant or something and off he went to MDO. At the end of MDO, it was only a little more red/puffy and she said it wasn't bothering him which he confirmed. I called the Doctor anyway as I really didn't want it to get as bad as last time before we went. They worked him in a couple hours later. He went with Brent and came home several hours later with anti-biotic eye drops and oral antibiotics as well. This time, it is a little perplexing to the Doctor though as there is no accompanying ear infection and kids don't usually get this same infection twice. The Doctor said to call today if it was not improving.

Today, he says he feels fine, but there is a little eye rubbing going on. We're monitoring it carefully and so far it is maybe marginally better, and at least not worse. He is taking all his meds and drops like a pro. It was Brent's first solo trip to the Doctor with B since we moved if you can imagine and he was really impressed at how well B handles it and maybe even enjoys it. He and Dr. Simmons have a great rapport. Through our multitude of visits I've come to really trust and appreciate our new Doctor. Today, that went up to a whole new level. For the very first time in all the medical problems B or any of the rest of us have ever had the actual Doctor called to check on him. Said he just wanted to know how our little "wild man" was doing. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it meant a lot to me and has won him some patients for life. Isn't it odd what the health care system has come to that such a little personal touch now means so much? Thanks Dr. Simmons!

We'll keep the rest of you posted on the progress. We're to report back in tomorrow if it remains the same or gets worse. In the meantime, I'm going to try and pull things here back into order after a lovely weekend mostly spent away with our parents and some chaos yesterday. Maggie insists on napping while being held. Luckily, the sling is an OK alternative so maybe I can get some things done today while B sleeps. Thanks for all your kind comments over the weekend!

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