Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday Journaling + Maggie Stats

Wednesday was a little wearing for me. Here's the rough sketch:

M had a tough time falling asleep so Brent didn't get to bed until midnight and was back up with her around 2, I think. I got up with her around 6 and then again at 7 for some snuggling while Brent got ready for work. She fell back asleep just as he left while I made lunch for B who woke up full of energy.

From 7:45-9:30 - Is pretty much the same as Tuesday, we put on our "day time clothes" have breakfast (smoothies, strawberries, cereal, milk, etc...). I start dishes and laundry while B watches a few minutes of Peter Pan. B snuggles with lil' Miss M, and I try to make sure we're all packed for MDO and the Dr. Apt. We're out the door by 9:20. Drop off goes strangely badly at MDO for no apparent reason. Sad tears:(

9:30-10:15 - Maggie and I do a quick run through Target for fall clothes for B as his jacket is just pathetically short in the arms. I talk to Audra while I try to remember why I'm there. Then its back in the car and a drive over to her Dr. Apt.

10:15-12pm - Yes, we were really at the Doctor this long. It was crazy busy there today. We spent a lot of time waiting at different phases and our regular nurse Stephanie was out and the subs were much less organized. Miss M handled it well. Her stats were:

Weight: 14lbs - 99th percentile
Height: 24in - 95th percentile
Head: 41cm (why is this the only one in metric I wonder?)

She had three shots and a oral vaccine. She did pretty well overall. The nurse forgot the third shot initially and had to come back which didn't go over very well. The Doctor and I had a fascinating chat about H1N1. I've said it before - I really like this guy and that he takes the time to fully explain things. I know this is probably why he's always running late, but it is nice that he takes the time. Overall, M is healthy and fine. She was fussy pretty much the rest of the day which was hard.

12-2:15: I spent most of the time trying to get M to be calm and comfy. Lots of rocking, snuggling, etc and just a little internet browsing while we wandered. I also had a short call with my work as they are still working up to next weeks' big board meeting. Then off to pick up B - didn't feel like much of a break today.

2:15-5pm: Picked up B and took some pics at MDO for this project. He is pictured here with his teacher, Ms. Vonda. Then home for an afternoon snack and a little more Peter Pan. I serve on t NACUA's NACUA Notes Editorial Board and attended that teleconference for an hour or so with the phone on mute/speaker phone as M slept in her sling, B snacked and watched some TV. M woke up hungry and fussy again and off went the TV for book time and some tunes. B and I made some popcorn and did some playing. He got in trouble and had some time out. M fell asleep in her swing briefly and Brent headed home.

5-8:15pm: M remained fussy and needed lots of attention. B was tired and rocked over into silly. He also played football with Brent as well as keep the balloon off the floor, Wii, and some random games they made up with cars. They read The Very Hungry Caterpillar again as we participated in the Jumpstart Reading project. The boys had some sandwiches for dinner as I wasn't feeling so great and neither was M. More fun and then I gave be a shower (no clue why he randomly wanted a shower). B bathed M and then we began the wind-down to sleep. Except B wanted to dance to tunes which largely involved running in circles so not so much a wind down. We had to go gather the whole crew and have Brent read "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear?" With that, both kids are asleep.

8:15 -? I journal the day and process the pictures while we watch The Daily Show and the Colbert Report online and then head to bed hoping M sleeps, but worrying she may not with her vaccines today....

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