Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love Thursday: Parenting Together

It is a rainy, quiet day here in OK. A good day for reflection and thanks. Today, I'm feeling so blessed and loved to be parenting with Brent. We are a match of complementary styles. We met very early in life and have been together for more than a decade. In that time, we've faced all that life has thrown us together. We've grown up and made our careers, own home and our own little family. I love the journeys we've shared and am loving this phase too. Simple little things like holding hands while we hold our children and shared knowing glances that give us the strength to continue when we're tired or frustrated. We draw strength from quiet "I Love Yous" in the night as we take our turns with M. Brent finds me interesting links that keep me thinking and I update him on the day here.

We have much different personalities in many ways and different styles, but we "get" each other and feed off each other. I think our children will be better for it. We are each strength for the other and our family is much stronger as a result. Being a parent is a big step in a relationship and a huge life-long responsibility and blessing. It should not be entered lightly, but we've never doubted the other and delight in sharing this challenge and wonderful together. That is my Love this Thursday.

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Jamie said...

Tear! I love you two and I love you two together!


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