Friday, October 9, 2009

This Week: Friday Journaling

Ah Friday, somehow with all the rain it feels like a long week. Here is our next-to-last daily installment of our activities:

M was on about the same schedule as the last few days. Ultimately, she woke up at 5ish and then again at 8:30 or so which was a lovely late start. Our alarm didn't go off so Brent didn't wake up until 7:20 which was pretty lovely and B came in to wake me up about 8am just as Brent was about to head out. B and I played for awhile before I could convince him that we all needed our daytime clothes and breakfast before heading out to the dentist. M, of course, woke up somewhere in the midst of making breakfast, but we did all get dressed, fed and out the door by 9:15 or so.

9:15-11am - Dropped off B at Kidzstreet. Went easily, which is always a blessing. Then, M and I headed to the dentist. She got pretty worked up in the car so we calmed down in the parking lot a bit as we were early. Had my first appointment with the new dentist while the staff enjoyed holding and watching M. Not good news -- looks like I'll have a couple visits in my future including my first crown! (So sad, have I mentioned how I don't like going to the dentist?) Anyway, then quickly back to get B and home. M slept some so it the trip back went pretty well.

At home, I called Brent and then back to the dentist to do some re-scheduling to times where Brent could cover as can't take M to these longer appointments really. B watched some of The Incredibles while I worked out the logistics. Next up was lunch for B and Miss Maggie, during which Erik called and we discovered my cell phone was at the dentist. So back we all went.

11-1:45pm - We went back to the dentist, and popped in to pick up my phone. Then we stopped by St. John's in Edmond to fill out our "official" member paperwork. Although I've been going off and on since last November I neglected to fill out the paperwork so M probably won't be baptized until March (when we've been members 6 months... ugghhh). Anyway, back in the car again for our trip home with the by then necessary Sonic stop for lunch as I was starving which is not a good place to be. At home, I ate while M napped and B played with Thomas. B and I went outside and kicked the ball around for awhile to wear him out a bit as he just didn't seem sleepy yet. I think I finally put him down around 1:45 or so and it still took awhile for him to fall asleep.

1:45-5pm - Internet time + feeding and snuggling with M. Also chore time as we missed them in the morning so cleaned the bathrooms, swept, did laundry and dishes and de-cluttered just a bit. Tried to not be depressed about dentist situation and waited for Tracie to drop by. Brent headed home around 5 and Tracie arrived to chat around that time.
5-9pm - I spent this time chatting with Tracie and playing/feeding/snuggling M. We caught up on all sorts of things and M was very happy. She loved Tracie and gave her lots of adorable little girl smiles and giggles. The boys played and watched a bit of Nemo. We had homemade chili for dinner and told tales of the day. It was very relaxed and a lot of fun. Tracie and I have been friends forever and we have long since learned to how to have a wonderful time just talking and being together. Thanks for a great evening Tracie! Brent had B in bed just after 8:30 or so and after some final moments with Tracie she headed home and we headed off to internet time with M and then on to bed.


Tracie said...

Had a wonderful time with the Richards Family tonight!! Thanks for having me over :) Mag-pie is such a cutie!! Just so many cute smiles and cooing today!!!

Erin said...

Sorry to hear about the dentist. :( Loved the cute picture in the bathroom mirror...looks like you were having a bathroom cleaning party just like days of old, but with Miss M!

abbeyviolet said...

Erin, that is pretty much exactly what we were doing. I'd forgotten those earlier pics. Ah, the memories!

Jamie said...

he hair is getting lighter?!?!


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