Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Week: Thursday Journaling

It has been a pretty quiet day on the home front. I think the gloomy rain may be part of it.M slept from probably 9ish til 2ish and then woke at 4 and 6:30. I slept with her from 6:30 until 8:30 or so when my (work) Blackberry started ringing incessantly. Allegedly someone was calling accidentally, but that seems hard to do over and over... Oh well. M and I were then up! B, I suspect was awake shortly thereafter, but chose to stay in his room for a long time. M spit up down my back which is very rare so after some changing I just sat and watched her smile, kick and coo for awhile rather than running around trying to do chores. Eventually she needed breakfast so we did a little internet browsing while she ate and eventually convinced big Bro to join us. By the time everyone was in their daytime clothes and awake it was after 10! Talk about a lazy day.

10-12:30- We made our breakfast together as well as some tea (B seems to like making it more than drinking it, of course. M took her first nap around 10:30 or so, but kept it short. I did some chores and then watched a little bit of Nemo with B. Then off to "play" in his room. This morning featured trains, blocks, books, puzzles, "checkers" (Connect Four), Candy Land (just playing with the pieces, not the actual game), a call from Aunt Audra, etc. M joined us for much of this and would generally sit on my lap watching.I wandered off to find some water and B proposed a race. However, he was distracted by our shower and decided he needed to play in the shower more. So, M napped a bit while he played, and I decluttered the bathroom, and did the basic cleaning. Of course, the nap was short lived so didn't get that much done, but its something. Had to pry B out of the shower, but he did manage some of the re-dressing himself and it was time for lunch

12:30ish-1:40. We made lunch for him (Nutella, raisin bread, banana, bagel, and raisins by the time he was done) and more sweet potato and cinnamon for me. M rested in her swing after her lunch time feast. B ran around outside with his football as the sky threatened rain and M and I had lunch inside. We listened to his entire tunes CD and he did some dancing/running for me. All, very cute. Then off went all the lights, we took off his shoes and headed to bed for his nap and thankfully he went down easily today.

1:40-5pm M took some cat naps in the sling or with me and for brief periods in her bed, have to remember that infants don't take 3 hour naps like sweet B, but she was relatively good. I checked out Audra's pics and did some blog work. Then, gave in and decided maybe I'd try napping with M as well, but not sure I succeeded.
5-6:30pm - Brent called to say he was leaving but it took three times as long as normal due to all the crashes in the pouring rain. It was time to feed M again. She was up about long enough to have half her bottle, and then time to find B and get ready for the evening. After a long nap, he was a bit droopy, but in good spirits.6-9pm - Made quick dinner while I tried to determine if Tracie and I's movie plans would work (they didn't with more rain complications). Then made Chili for tomorrow as it feels like Chili weather as the crew watched a movie and snuggled (ok, M was a bit fussier than that). Time for M's bath carefully documented here as I didn't have many other pics today. Then a bit more bottle and bed for the little lady and a bath for B. Then the normal wind down to night night.9- Brent and I wrap up the day together online as usual and look forward to Friday.

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