Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Daily: Day One

I am doing a new scrapbooking project inspired by Ali Edwards entitled "December Daily." with just a few touches of Jessica Sprague's "Holidays in Hand" as well. The concept involves a photo and a little journaling each day of December (or through Christmas). The photo and journaling is added to a book the participant assembled in advance. I ordered a pre-made version last year from Evalicious and added some personal touches and slightly larger pages to complete my set-up. My book's foundation is complete and I'll share pictures of it as we progress. As I don't print photos at home, I will put the photo of the day and short journaling here and assemble in bits as we go. The idea is to take a moment to pause each day and capture the special bits that make up the holiday season. It is also going to help me work more holiday fun gently into our month and capture some traditions, or that is the plan anyway.

We're off to a slightly rough start as Day 1 was supposed to be the Advent Calendar. We have it and did start that today, but it isn't quite hung due to some logistical issues so look for that tomorrow. Instead Day One is:

Holiday Shopping and Wishing.

Just like so many of us as kids Brendan is discovering the joys of leafing through catalogs full of wondrous things and plotting out what he wants. He was lucky enough to get to share in the fun with Grandma B and both found some great treasures. We'll have to wait and see if Santa comes through for them.

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