Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We DIG Dinosaurs

My Aunt Laurie brought B a whole bunch of dinosaurs over Thanksgiving. With our newly acquired herd, B's off-again, on-again fascination with the dinosaur crew seems to be increasing. Our dinos go on fun outings to Target and Crest or sometimes the bookstore. They also help each other keep from falling off the mountain (back of the chair) and rescue each other from various predicaments. They even give each other hugs and kisses. (Yes, we mostly have gentle giants, even our T-Rex). One little dino, apparently, sustained an injury yesterday so he got his very own Curious George Band-aid. I'm sure you're all relieved to here that he has recovered quickly. Brent also helped T-Rex brush his teeth yesterday during teeth brushing time.

There are baby dinos too that add a new dimension to our play and plenty of dinos for everyone to join in the fun, even Miss M. It seems that robots and dinosaurs will be our next phase as cars and trains are fading just a bit these days. Construction equipment seems to be holding steady and he will name any he sees as we drive around. It is fascinating to see how these things evolve and really rather unpredictable. I do love robots and dinosaurs and even robot dinosaurs so let the fun commence!
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