Thursday, April 1, 2010

"I did it!"

I'm discovering that one of the magical things about being three is suddenly being able to DO so many things yourself. That victory is so sweet.

Sunday evening I crashed into allergies or a cold or something and fell asleep on the couch feeling miserable by 7:30 or so. The bedtime ritual continued in full swing around me.  I could occasionally hear snippets as I faded in and out, but definitely was more asleep than not.  B and I have a ritual where he wakes me with a kiss.  This is a very good trick to have when one frequently plays nap or is the last one up in the morning.  So, as I lay dozing on the couch there is a tiny little boy kiss on my forehead and I wake on cue as per our game.

His face is very close to mine and he is completely naked.  He just says "I did it."  I look for Brent and some clarity and gradually the story emerges from my little man that he has given himself a bath.  Not to worry, Daddy was there and supervising, but he did it all by himself.  He turned on the water, put in the plug, got in washed and rinsed himself, etc... He had even dried off by himself.  As his neck was still quite wet, I'm sure there were some "quality control" issues along the way.  Regardless of those details, it was such a moment for him.  So excited. So proud.  So important that Brent says he insisted on waking me right away with the news.  I am so very glad he did.  Congratulations little guy on the next milestone.  We love you - you, most certainly, did it.

(P.s. Yes, I'm a bit better, but allergies will be with me for sometime.  For the observant among you, yes those are another pair of boots.  Grandma got him some rain boots that he loves.  He also really likes putting his shoes on by himself these days.  So much fun!)

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DebB said...

Hooray! I noticed that he very much insisted on being incharge of the washing during his bath tonight. He did let me wash his back, probably just to be nice to me. He has such a cute little boy back, after all. The water too? Wow, that is something to be proud of. Big leaps and bounds these days.


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