Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zoo with Grammy and Granddaddy

Sunday was a beautiful day and I needed to get out after staying in with M much of the last two days while she battled her fever. We took in the new Children's Zoo which was lovely.  They have little goats named after Oklahoma towns that can sometimes be petted as well as other farm animals, flamingos, snakes, bugs and more.  My favorite part was the wading stream, of course:) 

Next up was the tram ride.  We got to see so much of the zoo with so little walking.  We do this often as B loves the "train." I love getting to see the high points without lugging all our kids and stuff across long stretches on foot.  We got off near the cat exhibits and had lunch courtesy of Granddaddy.  The "slushie-slushies" were the fan favorite (also known as Icees, but B informs us he doesn't like Icees.  He does like "slushie-slushies, however...).  After some wandering through the Ape exhibits and visiting the rhinos we caught the tram back to the top for some ice cream and farewells. 

The great thing about a zoo pass is that we do not feel the least bit compelled to see everything.  We were there maybe three hours and at least an hour of which was probably sitting and eating. It was quite lovely we should really try to do this more.  Good exercise, fun and company. A great day!

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