Friday, April 16, 2010

Paradox Boy

Maybe it is being 3 or maybe it is just B, but he is full of paradoxes.  For example, B likes to ask for sweet treats, but almost never eats them or at least much of them.  He will do all sorts of things to get that bit of chocolate/cupcake/cookie, but then often leaves it unfinished.  He likes baking treats, but often doesn't really eat them much.  I think this is probably good self-control and I'm mostly just using it as an example, but it spans several areas.

Other examples include: B loves sleeping, but will ever so often balk at taking a nap and then minutes later be excited about tucking himself in or want to "play" nap the next day. He will be annoyed at M for being too loud at dinner and then moments later will be "talking" with her at about the same volume.  Maybe it isn't a paradox so much as it is just being inconsistent in his wishes and hopes, but some days it can be trying.   Other days, it is quite charming somehow.  I sort of doubt he even notices that he has inconsistent positions.  Every so often it reminds me just a tiny bit of my Grandma Dotter who would gladly argue completely contradictory positions simultaneously at times.  (Perhaps she should have been a lawyer too:)  Meanwhile, my little man, you're an interesting mix little one and we love almost every minute of it.

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