Monday, April 19, 2010

A Week In The Life: Monday

Long time blog buddies will recall that I did my first "A Week In The Life" Project inspired by Ali Edwards just as this blog was beginning in the fall of 2008.  You can find some of those posts and a description here (Scroll to the bottom and click on newer/older post options to see other posts that week). You can also see pictures of the final pages here if interested. I "attempted" the project again the same week in the Fall of 2009.  You can see the journaling starting here, but I never really got the pictures and journaling into a book... bad, I know.

I contemplated not doing it this time, but I really think that what got me to finish was all the other people in the scrapbooking community working on it simultaneously and the ongoing posting with people's tips, suggestions and finished pages.  So, here I go.  I'm doing it a bit different as you will see.  Not everyday will recount our timeline and I'm relying more on collages for the photos.  We'll see how it works. I'm pretty optimistic having tried day 1, but this is a VERY busy week and time will tell.  I am hoping you all will help hold me accountable as well.  Here we go!

Today was not a particularly normal Monday.  It started with some sleep training efforts with Maggie that resulted in Brent and I not getting enough sleep. I awake to a very annoyed Maggie who is quite ready to start her day rather than snuggle with her sleepy Mama. I am immediately amazed at how much I have to accomplish in that first hour of wakefulness – getting everyone up, dressed, fed, hair brushed, bags packed for the day. I wonder how I would get to work on time if I had a regular job. Brent leaves for work after breakfast. I make coffee and do my best to get us prepped on time so we can play for awhile before we head out. 
Maggie’s regular baby sitter was away so first we drop her off with Ms. Maureen who is filling in, much to everyone’s delight. Brendan and I stop back by home and the bank before dropping him off as we’re running early.  Ms. Vhonda happily greets him when we arrive at MDO.  I leave as he is already into the puzzles and my work day begins.  Somehow I miss my first group call of the day due to a technology issue and feel the tiredness creeping after having worked quickly at the day’s start. 

Lunch brings home how interesting it is to work from home.  I look at my lunch and think I need more vegetables so I just dash outside, pick a handful of spinach and add it to my lunch plans.  That is a rather unique experience and a fun one as I’m still new to a kitchen garden. More coffee, more work, contracts, logistics, governance, tax—a full, busy and relatively normal day.  The surprise comes when the internet and phones go down at OSSM and Brent comes home early.  It was a particularly special treat as he was away much of Saturday.  He even does the picking-up kids loop for me so I can finish up my last work tasks.

When everyone is home and unloaded we play a little and begin the path toward naps-- a bottle for Maggie, and a little bit of a movie for Brendan.  B goes to sleep much more quickly while Lady M resists until her fall-back naptime.  Brent and I are back online for awhile.  I ponder this project. He enjoys some free time and coaxes Maggie into a longer nap while I chat with Sarah about weekend plans and begin dinner preparations.  I’m working on today’s dinner (Steak, Roasted Asparagus & Mashed Potatoes) and laying the ground work for tomorrow’s dinner while the kids start to wake up.  

B joins in the documenting fun with some of his own photos and the process of dinner begins.  B doesn’t eat much, but does enjoy playing out in the grass and garden afterwards.  There is some tumult when he doesn’t get chocolate as he didn’t eat his dinner, but mostly it is a quite wonderful evening.  The normal ritual of bath, PJs, playtime, books, bottles, hugs and kisses follow.  Brent and I wander back to computers while I ponder where to take this project.  In the end, I’m tired, but happy to have spent a good day together.

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