Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little help for our friends

I'm sure you all recall my good friends Mary and Andy whom I write about fairly often. In addition to just being wonderful people and fabulous friends, Mary is the viola sectional coach and Andy is the Music Director at the El Paso Symphony Youth Orchestras (EPSYOs).

EPSYOs is competing for a"Power a Bright Future" grant from Clorox Clean-Up that is being voted on through Facebook to help fund its programs. Thirty non-profit organizations, including the EPSYOs, were selected as finalists from several thousand organizations that applied. Facebook users can vote for their favorite non-profit once per day, now through January 17, and the five organizations with the most votes at that point will receive a $10,000 grant and a feature in People Magazine. Non-profits rely heavily on donations, and so this past year has been tough on EPSYOs, as it has been on many non-profits. Winning this grant would really help them out a lot.

EPSYOs is the only music organization among the finalists, and so far they've been in the top 10 numbers of votes. Mary, Andy and I are asking everyone we know on Facebook and you my blog readers to vote for EPSYOs every day, and if you do, well, that would be a lot of votes. And if all of you spread the word to even just one other person on Facebook, and that person voted, it would really add up. It's an easy way to support the arts--you don't have to spend a dime, it takes 15 seconds, and you can do it in between obsessive updates of the weather page (Heavens! 18 inches in central Iowa!) and your online Christmas shopping.

The page to vote is here:
You can vote once every day, and EPSYOs (as well as Mary, Andy and I) would be utterly grateful for any and all votes that your blog readers and Facebook friends give them. For anyone who likes to clean (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), they'll give you a coupon for Clorox Clean-Up the first time you vote.

If anyone wants to read more about the EPSYOs, our website is here:

Thank you for considering this cause and spreading the goodwill to a fabulous organization.

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