Monday, August 16, 2010

B - Right Now

I took this picture on Sunday while doing some of the photo challenges from Shimelle's online crop. Only as I went through editing them did I realize how much this captures B at this moment.  Notice the blue around the mount? That is from his blue snow cone -- possibly one of the last of this year as the place we visited is closing today.  Next note, the wii-mote in hand (my pink one, in a humorous coincidence).  B is teetering on the edge of playing more Wii than I think is appropriate, but we're trying to set a bit clearer time allowances lest we go over. There is a look of great focus too.  He increasingly is able to apply himself to games, puzzles and activities with more focus and solve more problems on his own.  Granted, he does not always chose to do so.

Also notice how he is a bit tired? He skipped his nap and went to the Y childcare while I did Zumba.  This results in a slightly more tired than usual boy come.  Next up is the Toy Story 3 shirt. Toy Story remains a favorite pastime if not quite the obsession it was for a few weeks. Also of note is that he is ignoring the camera.  This is becoming more common.  He doesn't seem to be dissuading me from taking the picture, but isn't immediately cheesy like his lil'sis. That said, he did rise to the occasion and smile plenty for our family pictures and I am so excited to see how those turn out. Finally, I noticed the "Uncle Able" shorts.  Able got him these Denver Nuggets shorts and they used to be huge.  Now, although it is hard to tell here, they fit much better.  He has worn them as often as possible this week and even slept in them at Grandma's house after the Meteor Shower party on Thursday.

See, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words (or very close).  I feel lucky to have captured this moment that is so him - right now.

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Look back six months and see, even more, how quickly he is winging away from his little boy years. Very soon, too soon, he will be waving good-bye to you and walking his little backpack into school for the entire day. I am so glad you are loving these precious years with him close by.


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