Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Year + Ten Days

Wow, M has truly amazed me with all the changes in her first 10 days as a one year old. I feel like I can almost literally see her transforming from baby to little girl before my eyes.  The big news from these first ten days is:

- She's walking!  Not 100% of the time of course, but routinely taking steps all over the place.  There is the sense that finally SHE wants to.  People that saw her last week at her party and then again this weekend noticed a big change. Very cool!

- She has had three birthday parties and attended another.

- She has a new 2T size bathing suit that looks like a ballerina of sorts. (Tracie has pics and I'm sure will share soon).

- She has had a major mishap with the sandbox at Ms. Courtney's (as mentioned) and the bruising is finally starting to clear. I was afraid to take her many places for days for fear people would think we were beating her.

- She had some sort of wild, but very brief, tummy ailment on Friday.  I have no clue what was up, but it was not a fun couple hours.  I'm so glad it passed quickly. Our theories include - something she ate (or picked up and ate that she shouldn't have) or possibly her vaccines which were relatively close in time.

- Stats - She had her one year appointment.  Initially, the nurse measured her at 33inches which neither the Doctor nor I was willing to accept.  We remeasured - 31.5 inches, which sounds more reasonable, but was still accompanied by the normal questions about how tall her Daddy is (very).  Current very rough height project is around 5' 8". Her weight was 27lb 7oz. I don't have the head measurement at hand, but everything was, as usual for her, at the 99% or above mark.

- She seems to be starting to shift to one nap.  That one starts a couple hours after she wakes up and is now stretching to the 2+ hour mark.  This just happened this week and we're still seeing a shorter afternoon nap, but definitely a noticeable lengthening in the morning time.

- She suddenly dislikes applesauce or, at most, tolerates it which is a big shift.

-She increasingly gives me big smiles or poses when I bring out the camera resulting in some very cute shots.

UPDATED-- I forgot these two new things when this was first posted
   - She has learned to throw things and seems to really enjoy it.  We are trying to gently direct her towards balls rather than say wooden frogs.
     - She has started coloring!  I remember at B's 15 month Doctor's appointment they suggested adding crayons to his activities and I thought they were crazy.  He would only eat them and showed no interest in actually drawing or even marking on the paper.  I was delighted this week when M started scribbling around after I demonstrated.  She has gone back and done it on her own, but still occasionally has to be reminded that they do not go in her mouth.

- Annoying new habit - drinking something and then awhile later spitting it out all over.  She has occasionally done this in the past, but has increased with the move to straight sippy cups.

- She is really playing with toys now.  In the last couple weeks she has gradually interacted more and more with them and will actually stick with a given activity for a bit longer than she did in the past.

- Her fascination with chairs continues unabated. She will try any chair and clamber all over it, but struggles to get out sometimes.

- Other things I should probably have mentioned before -- She does funny/cute things with her eyebrows, just like Brent.  She loves snow cones (as much, if not more, than straight ice). Has mastered her own little "dirty" look when she is not getting her way. She is much more friendly with strangers than B ever ways and tends to approach them and favor them with a smile. (Yes, I know this is dangerous).

I'm not sure I've captured it all, but if the whole year is this full of changes and leaps we have a wild and exciting time ahead of us.

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