Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Fun: Mouse Soup

Mouse Soup (I Can Read Books: Level 2 (Prebound))

We often read Mouse Soup growing up so it was an early addition to our collection of children's books.  We have been reading it more often of late and particularly over the weekend.  We read it during bed time on Saturday and Sunday afternoon after dinner B decided we needed to make mouse soup and here is the fun that ensued.

B "caught" an imaginary mouse and requested a pot for it.  I told him he could use anyone he liked and he picked the steamer insert pan (has holes in the bottom so an odd choice).  As per the story, we put the "mouse" in, but then had to have stories to season our soup.  B and I worked through all four stories.  In some cases, he could recite sections back, and with the last story he needed a reminder about the topic.  Sometimes, there were hits of other books (I'm quite sure a little rhythm from Fox in Socks snuck in, for example). Once we'd wandered through tales of bees and mud, stones, an old lady and her thorn bush and crickets we were ready to add the related ingredients.  So he gathered and added bees, mud, a thornbush and crickets to the soup and stirred.  Then, he carried his prize creation over and gently set it on a burner (off of course as this is imaginary soup). 

I thought it would need to cook for awhile.  He agreed --- probably four minutes in his estimation.  We compromised and decided it would be ready when we got back from what would likely be our last snow cone adventure of the summer.  He did not, however, remember our feast until it was time for book time again.  I gathered a bowl to pour the soup into while he collected spoons. After carrying our bowl of soup to B's room,  B, Brent and I each had our fill of what was now, we heard, peach mouse soup.  Very hot and quite filling.  We had left overs which he put away for tomorrow.  He also informs me there are mice living in a nest behind the couch so we can make more. (Imaginary mice, I promise).  Then, of course, we wrapped up the fun by reading Mouse Soup again before turning off the lights so our wonderful, imaginative boy could get some rest for another big day.

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Wow! What a great story and what a growing imagination he has. I am so happy that everyone got to have some of B's delicious soup. Did the cricket legs feel funny in your mouth? Wonderful memories.


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